2014 Polar Bear Splash captured in photos and time-lapsed video

While today’s snow is more appropriate for actual polar bears than yesterday’s warm 46 degree weather, the 2014 Polar Bear Splash was a popular success, as usual.

Local photographer Christina Tisi-Kramer took a bunch of amazing photos of the splash from a rather high perspective. Below is one, but PLEASE go to her facebook photography page Visions of Long Beach for the full set. They are truly amazing

(link of all the photos: facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.10152791215955016&type=1)


Also we have a time-lapsed video of the splash by local Vito Laudicina. You have to click this link to view it. Don’t forget to select HD for a higher quality video. I will also share this video on the seabythecity facebook page too, since facebook doesn’t allow me to embed the video here.

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