DecoBike Finished in Long Beach? City issues RFP for new Bike-Sharing Program.

Is the short lived (one summer) DecoBike experiment over in Long Beach?  That appears to be the situation, as the city issues a RFP for a new Self-Service Bicycle Rental Program:

The City intends to enter into contract for the delivery and operation of a self-service bicycle rental fleet for public use and stationed in the public right-of-way (ROW).  The selected Proposer will be required to implement a program, which should enable the public to self-rent bicycles from any of several locations and return them to another.  Services would be provided by the selected Proposer on a 24-hour, full time basis with sufficient personnel to successfully operate the program.  The Proposer may however elect to cease operation from December 1st through April 1st of each year.

The City’s goals and objectives are to promote a vision to make bicycling an integral part of daily life for Long Beach residents and visitors.  This program is to be accessible to the maximum number of people in the most cost-efficient manner to increase bicycle and decrease local motor vehicle use.

Self-service bicycle rental programs provide a convenience for bicyclists since bicycles are available on an as-needed basis, tune-ups and storage are not necessary, and bike stations are provided in strategic locations.  Benefits for the City include reduced traffic congestion, improved air quality, quieter and more livable streets, and the opportunity for citizens to improve their health through exercise.

caveWell, so long DecoBike, but I’m glad to see that a bike-sharing program in Long Beach is still desired.  I never understood why C.A.V.E. people wouldn’t want this? Those bikes didn’t bother anybody and are very beneficial to Long Beach for so many reason. I have a zillion bikes in my garage, so normally I have no use for a program like this, but one time I had a bunch of out-of-town friends over. While walking on the boardwalk, one of my friends had the idea of all of us hopping on some bikes. We did, went for a ride and ended up spending money at several local establishments, something that we originally didn’t intend on doing. I know that’s not THE reason to have a bike-sharing program here, but really do believe, in a city where bike riding is so prominent, this program is much needed.

Thank you Long Beach Streets for pointing out the RFP to us in the SeabytheCity Newsroom.

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  1. Sorry to see Deco leave. I don’t think they made a dime, and their warehouse in North Park was ravaged by the Storm. I suppose their losses in Long Beach was in the millions. Geez — everyone who touches this place loses money.

    Hopefully another operator will come in and the rental bikes will be a good step in the right direction. Glad to see the Council resurrect this. Wonder what’s in it for those thieves?

  2. The city will be awarding , “ahem discussing the awarding of” a contract to Social Bicycles on Tuesday evening. Looks like half of the cities proceeds will be dedicated to pedestrian/bicyclist infrastructure improvements.

    Self-Service Bicycle Rental/Sharing Program for the City of Long Beach.
    Legislative Memo: The City had a vendor that could no longer continue
    their service to the City. Therefore a new Request for Proposals was
    immediately put forth, as the City Council desires to continue to make the City more bicycle friendly and promote health and fitness, promoting a sustainable Long Beach lifestyle. The proposed vendor has successful rental/sharing programs in such cities as San Francisco, Phoenix, Tampa, Orlando, Buffalo and Providence. WHEREAS, the City of Long Beach will receive 20% of the gross income of which half will be used for bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure projects, for a contract period of five years, with an option to renew at the City’s discretion for an additional five year period;

  3. Thanks for posting this update, Captain Obvious.

    If 10% of the money the program makes goes to improving bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure, I wonder what the other 10% goes to — slush fund?

  4. “the City of Long Beach will receive 20% of the gross income of which half will be used for bicycle/pedestrian infrastructure projects”

    I have to recognize that for the first time this City is dedicating a portion of funds directly to non motorized vehicle transportation funds. That is amazing, and there is no doubt in my mind that it came from the city managers office. Before I go pinning a medal of hipster honor on him, I question why only half? It’s great but it’s not epic. GO EPIC JACK – GIVE US THE FULL 20%.

    By just putting 10% towards bike/ped projects, the city is saying they acknowledge we need bike things buuuut aren’t fully serious enough to actually give you the full 20%. It becomes less about the actual money [because really, bike shares are not big profits ] and more the gesture of taking nonautomotive networks seriously.

  5. It’s not going to be a fabulous amount of money. Sobi is a low cost bike share that relies more on memberships via smart tech than the typical bike share kiosk which is so inviting for one night stands/ quickie rentals with no commitment. Sobi’s founders/designer are bike nerds with urban planning degrees who want to change the landscape. Decobikes were investors with a business model that proved to be utterly expensive(the most exp in the country for riders) and dependent on advertising revenue (lucky us, they got the boot before we got the billboards).
    Oh so back to your question….it’s not where or what specific project to put the few bucks we could potentially receive but the actual gesture of reserving money to ped,bike projects/campaigns. It’s just fucking amazing to see some form of acknowledgment.
    But if you must have an example of where some funds could go it’d be stellar to have proper signage for sharing roads that isn’t pathetically cardboard. Or investing in more interesting bike racks. Or hey, how about we ask the residents what they want funds to go towards that would improve the pedestrian-bicycle experience.

    But half? No, I urge Jack to go epic on this. Dedicate all the moneys towards bike/ped projects/campaigns that are requested through public surveys/outreach.

  6. Oh and re: their proposed income. Remember the former “city manager” Theofuckface was promising THOUSANDS from Deco. Yeah, that was funny.

    I’m actually hoping they don’t focus on any concrete numbers because again, it’s not about the money per se. It’s about moving LB out of the dinosaur era, changing attitudes and increasing mobility.

  7. Sounds like you think the money will be minimal and it won’t really change any landscape. You’re probably right.. and this “gesture” is probably just another b.s. way to pretend they care about people like you and thus keep the dems in power. Your EPIC 20% is likely only a few grand and very few will actually give a crap. Nothing will happen, but come election time, they’ll remind you how much they care. I know you’re passionate about this thing, but realistically when you see things like iStar, you have to realize it’s about money and power, nothing else.

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