Schumer Announcement WRT Army Corps of Engineers’ Work & Federal Funding

This is regarding the Army Corps of Engineers’ plan for our barrier Island. A reader named Brian sent this in and was kind enough to sum it all up for us:

Senator Chuck Schumer has a PR out as of yesterday regarding the dune/groin project for Long Beach. In short, we’ll get a 35,000 linear feet berm/dune/groin system with an initial fill volume of 4,720,000 cubic yards. It will be “renourished” every 5 years for 50 years.

The plan calls for rehabilitation of fifteen groins in Long Beach and two in Point Lookout. The third, terminal groin in Point Lookout will be rehabilitated and extended to 100 feet. Four new groins are planned for the Town Park in Town of Hempstead with possibly two more in the future if needed. It will cost a little under $180mil and be completely federally funded.

The benefit:cost ratios estimated to be 2:1. If there aren’t any other issues getting the project off the ground, the first contract for groin work will be awarded this fall with a second groin contract to be awarded in 2015 and sand work to begin as early as 2016.

Here’s a few links on the topic:

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