iStar posts a Superblock FAQ on their website

This was actually posted a few weeks ago, but I completely missed it!


iStar Long Beach – Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the iStar Long Beach project?
It is located on just over six acres adjacent to the Long Beach Boardwalk between Riverside and Long Beach Boulevards.

What will be built there?
The plan is to create two residential buildings with recreational amenities and parking for residents and their guests; plus retail space and a large seating area that will serve the public.

How many residences will there be and what will they be like?
The project will include 522 luxury apartments. All residences will offer either one or two bedrooms and will be available for rent at market prices.

How tall are the buildings?
Each is configured as 15 stories of residences over a two-level ground floor of retail space.

How will these buildings affect surrounding views?
Each building has been carefully designed and positioned to help preserve view corridors.

How will the boardwalk experience change?
It will become more interesting. You’ll be able to stroll directly off the boardwalk into the shops and eateries on the first level. You’ll also have an open invitation to enjoy a 4,000-square-foot public seating area that overlooks the beach. In short, the boardwalk experience will only get better for everyone.

How much retail space will be created?
Over 11,000 square feet — enough room for five businesses.

Will the project put a strain on local parking, infrastructure or services?
None whatsoever. We’re creating over 900 parking spaces for residents and guests. We’re also paying to upgrade all utility infrastructure to fully accommodate the project.

How can I stay up-to-date on this project?
You can visit And if you join the interest list on the website, you’ll receive progress updates via email.

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11 thoughts on “iStar posts a Superblock FAQ on their website”

  1. Superblock ZBA Hearing is this Thursday, February 27. Let them know your thoughts on the variance before you are shocked by the buildings and it is too late because they are built.

  2. The hearing already took place in January. February 27 is the actual vote. If you want your views heard by the ZBA, you have to email them before Thursday.

  3. there is not a demand for 522 ‘luxury’ apartments! They need to DOWNSIZE otherwise this will turn into a mess. Why cant this be approved with less floors? I am sure it could still turn a profit without 522 units.

  4. You people voted for the people who have negotiated this deal with I star. When the local GOP tried to warn you about electing a bunch of people who’s livelihood is real estate, you did not listen. Now you must reap what you sow. Next time look at the candidates and their political handlers behind the scenes before you blindly pull the lever, or these days fill in the circles, for the party you are affiliated with.

  5. BTW. I just received an immediate response from Robin Lynch saying that my letter would be distributed to the members of the zoning board. Please send a note about your concerns, if you have any. Robin is listening!

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