Guest Post: More Residents Sounding Off on the Superblock [OPINION]

A received another letter that was sent to the Zoning Board regarding the iStar Superblock proposal. This one comes from Leslie and Jordan:

Zoning Board of Appeals

City Of Long Beach

One West Chester Street

Long Beach, New York 11561

February 24,2014

This letter is to inform you that both my husband and I are OPPOSED to the iStar proposed development of the Superblock. We are opposed to the height and density of this development. The addition of 900-1000 more people to this already crowded neighborhood would be most detrimental and not all sensitive to the needs of the community.

Who are these 1000 people? They are transient tenants, not people who will live here and raise their families here. Will they turn the water off on the beach and the boardwalk when the showers are left running? They won’t care. Will they support their community by shopping here, joining PTA, attending City Council meetings? No will they not.

The Superblock is not a blight on the neighborhood. It may be underutilized, but it was a god-send during the rebuilding after Hurricane Sandy. What would we have done without the staging area available to rebuild the boardwalk and host many activities, if those obscene towers had already been built?

My husband and I have owned our home for 29 years. We have been paying taxes for 29 years. Why do we feel that that was money just thrown away and we are now being punished for our efforts and loyalty? The developer says, “We’re trying to have the least impact possible…and be as sensitive to the community as we possibly can.” We don’t see it that way. There will be significant impact on traffic, parking and sanitation, and there will significant negative impact on the quality of our lives.

What we see is an increase in traffic in an already busy area. Cars are constantly circling the end of Long Beach Road dropping off and picking up people for the beach, the boardwalk, the surf school and of course the Arts and Crafts Festivals. This is an accident waiting to happen and I have voiced my concerns about this before. Would a transient tenant speak up?

This project will potentially add an extra 1000 people to sit on our beach, which is likely to turn away the day trippers, as now our beach will be too crowded. Do we have enough lifeguards? Do we have enough sanitation workers? Do we have adequate bathrooms? Will iStar build a big, beautiful bathroom under the boardwalk, like the one under the Alegria, to accommodate their 1000 tenants? At least that would benefit the community.

And what about the dogs? Is there a dog walking area provided or will the dogs be using my lawn just like the rest of the apartment dwellers who live near by? If dogs are not allowed then this will only decrease the advantages of moving to Long Beach ,thereby increasing the risk of vacancies.

Let’s talk about the construction itself. We just spent a year looking at a huge mountain of sand and listening to the beep, beep, beep of tractors and backhoes. The taste of the sand blown in our faces, into our house and cars was just delightful. Now you want us to go through that again but this time with no benefit at the end.

iStar is delusional about the success of the retail space. They state that these are boardwalk-oriented stores. As an almost daily user of the boardwalk, I see the same people all they time. Of course we are exercising, walking, running, biking or just strolling. Well guess what. We don’t carry our wallets when we do these things. So, these stores will be drive-to destination shops, probably owned by strangers. Why would a long time resident want to shop there anyway? We would rather give our business to Heidi at Frippery or Steven at Steven’s Jewelers who have lived and done business here for many, many years.

The esthetic of these towers is undesirable. They will be ugly and similar to the tall buildings bordering the beach in Rockaway. Is that what we want to look at everyday. Do we want to live in their depressing shadow? A shadow that will reduce the output of my solar panels, increasing rather than decreasing my footprint.

Why does the Zoning Board feel it is necessary to even consider this variance? This project must to be scaled back to our current zoning regulations. We must adhere to regulations that preserve our architectural integrity. We must NOT approve this variance. This is the only way to benefit our community. We must SCALE BACK, SCALE BACK, SCALE BACK.


Leslie and Jordan

Living in the Shadow of the Proposed


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27 thoughts on “Guest Post: More Residents Sounding Off on the Superblock [OPINION]”

  1. You people voted for the people who have negotiated this deal with I star. When the local GOP tried to warn you about electing a bunch of people who’s livelihood is real estate, you did not listen. Now you must reap what you sow. Next time look at the candidates and their political handlers behind the scenes before you blindly pull the lever, or these days fill in the circles, for the party you are affiliated with.

  2. You really have some serious mental problems Anthony and your reasoning shows how mentally impaired you are.

  3. Mona, your comment was beneath you! Everyone has an opinion and a right to express it. There is no need to cast aspersions just because you disagree.

  4. You’re right. There has never been any patronage jobs ever in the history of long beach politics. Btw Saying local GOP being awful is my opinion, my freedom of speech in these United States of America. I actually vote for parties. I’m independent blank. Not sure who you are really, but Thanks for visiting the blog. You are always welcome here.

  5. I think that was SBC Anthony. If that really was Mona, what an awful thing to say – saying he had mental issues because you don’t agree. So disappointed.

  6. Anthony you really think 525 renters are going to care about this city the way homeowners do? I have been renting to people in the NY/LI area for over 40 years and can unequivocally say that renters will never care about a community as much as a TAX PAYER will! And I am not sure how you get to less patronage since they are going to sphion off any incremental revenue this building would bring into patronage jobs. This is what these guys do best is patronage jobs.

    And may I also suggest you cozy up to the LB Dems and get to know the fehuer and handlebars. If they let you in (which I doubt) you will see the true self serving leaches they are. I know for I am the ghost of cammeratta, I created these evil ones!!!

  7. Lol learn to read and stop putting words in my mouth. I don’t plan on getting cozy with anybody but my wife. Also, it’s no good to judge and stereotype. It leads to hatred and angry.

    Peace and love. Peace and love. -Anthony

  8. The Democrats who run the City – love renters. Subsidized and otherwise. They are free to raise taxes, and when rents rise in response, the renters blame their “greedy landlords” and never look at the tax increases. Rent should be taxed directly by the City, and raised just like property taxes are raised. Then maybe some of these renters would feel the pain the homeowner/residents feel.

  9. I know plenty of renters who do care about where they live. Look at what renters did to Brooklyn or other various parts of NYC. If you make a community a nicer place to live in, the caring will spread like a disease.

    Also a follow up to my original comment. I basically meant the more people that are in an area, the more voters there are, the more concerned citizens there are, the bigger pool for public figures there will be. That’s it. I’m not saying that’s what I desire, but it’s the difference between a transient city and a backwards small town.

  10. I have said it before and I will say it again…the nicer you make a community the better everyone will treat it. I have lived and owner here for thirteen years and can only hope things get better. I believe that the development of the superblock will help the town both on taxes and a place for visitors to come and spend some money. It is not always the “renters” who treat this town like garbage I watch homeowners let their houses go, leave dog crap on the curb, throw garbage on the ground, dump various items down the sewers….these are tax payers that don’t care!! Why? Bc they aren’t held accountable for their actions. My wife and I are on a five year plan..we are giving long beach I five year window to shape up or we are selling everything and moving. There are too many vacant store fronts, too many nail salons to leave the superblock vacant as well. Everyone take ownership of who you are, what you owner/rent and make this town a better and nicer place to live!! We can’t expect our politicians to do this for us!

  11. As I have pointed out to others, renters pay real estate taxes just as homeowners do. Taxes are factored in when rents are calculated. This is true whether it is an illegal basement apartment or the nicest luxury building.

    Many of the rental buildings here are home to older people who have just as much pride in how the area is maintained as anyone because this is their home.

    The issue isn’t rental vs owned units. It is how many units and how inappropriate the scope of the project is for the area.

  12. Mona Goodman you were a member of the WORST CITY COUNCIL THE CITY OF LONG BEACH HAS EVER ENDURED.

    Both of my middle fingers are in the air, pointed in your general direction.

  13. I’ve been a renter for almost 20 years, 5yrs in Long Beach. I do more in this community than most homeowners I know.

    BTW renters pay taxes – you should know that since you claim to have been renting to people. Perhaps you need to screen potential tenants better. Perhaps you are one of those slumlords that turn tenants off from taking extra care of their surroundings.


  14. I’m getting a ton of money off this deal. A ton. Very good investigative reporting…….

    who do you think I am anyways? You realize I’m one guy writing a blog about LB, right? Don’t visit this blog if you don’t like my content. It’s as easy as that.

  15. as a renter and as someone who has dedicated more of his time and energy to this city than 99% of our homeowners, I would caution you about making such generalizations. and for what it’s worth, I’m now looking to buy in this town. it wouldn’t have been the case were this not one of the only communities on LI with a decent amount of affordable rental units.

  16. ps…this massive rental property is slated to bring in an addition $3million in taxes. now we just need to be sure it goes toward lowering everyone else’s.

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