The Pennysaver Invasion [This Town Crier is Sick and Tired of it]

pennysavor2Who else is kinda tired of dealing with these Pennysavors being uninvitingly littered on your property each week? How many of you pick them up, only to throw them in recycling or the garbage? What about those living on a corner like resident Richard, who has to deal with it on both sides of his house. Richard told me this:

Their newspapers, accumulating on my property while I was away for almost a month, were an open invitation to crooks and vandals, in addition to being an eyesore. Here’s my question to you…. How do we find out if there are any towns, cities etc who have successfully outlawed this?

I have to agree. My wife actually called Pennysavor (631-698-8400) and asked them to stop delivering, but they told her they cannot communicate with the deliverers. Richard also called and is still waiting for a callback.

If you think about it, the way they are delivered is absolutely littering. How would everybody feel if I went around and threw seabythecity fliers on your property every week? You’d hate it.

Yeah, yeah. Coupons. I get these are very valuable to most, but not when they are thrown all over Long Beach and littering our streets. I would almost accept if delivered in my mailbox.

Who else is tired dealing with these papers weekly? Is it time to ask the city for a ban?

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4 thoughts on “The Pennysaver Invasion [This Town Crier is Sick and Tired of it]”

  1. I successfully got them to stop dumping on my property some years ago until it reappeared this week! When I did, I’m pretty sure I had to do it through Newsday as they were somehow involved. Enough! Ban this litter or deliver it to front doors of those who REQUEST it.

  2. They need to give residents an “Opt Out” option where as If I don’t want this publication, they cant deliver it. if they do, monetary fines. You would be surprised how quickly the delivery stopped if it meant stiff fines.

  3. I personally cross off every merchant, contractor, service provider and store which advertises in the Pennysaver from my list of places to hire or shop at. I wish someone who knew how would start an open latté/petition to inform them that the signers won’t patronize advertisers there so they would stop placing ads in that litter maker. It gets me so mad seeing that trash on my property that if I actually saw whoever delivered it, I would probably pick up a rock and toss it at their vehicle window. Or sponsor a pick up and dump tons of the wet soggy (plastic bag and all) crap on the publisher’s doorstep.

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