East End Parking To Receive Massive, Much Needed Upgrade

Looks like the parking mall located on Park Avenue between Roosevelt and Neptune Boulevard will be going through a much needed upgrade, with Nassau County money btw since they own those malls. Well, I’m going to miss the lake that occurs at the Neptune lot, but what can you do… The City press release also includes the wording for a crosswalk & Complete Streets, so I am very excited to see how this all pans out.


From the City of Long Beach Facebook page:

East End Parking Mall To Receive Massive Upgrade

Traffic Safety Concerns To Be Addressed with Additional Traffic Light and Crosswalk to Help Support Local Businesses

Long Beach, NY – The City of Long Beach is pleased to announce that it will begin accepting bids on Thursday, April 18 for reconstruction of the parking mall located on Park Avenue between Roosevelt and Neptune Boulevard. Along with the resurfaced lot, this project will include the addition of a traffic light and a more walkable crosswalk to address safety concerns and help support local business. The project is a step toward the Complete Streets policy that the City Council authorized the adoption of last year. Complete Streets are safe, comfortable, and convenient for travel for everyone, regardless of age or ability – motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transportation riders.

Nassau County will be reimbursing the City for the costs of the reconstruction, and upon completion of this project, the ownership and responsibility for maintenance of this parking mall will switch from Nassau County to the City of Long Beach.
“Long Beach maintains more than 50 miles of roadways, many of which are in their original design state and are more than 60 years old,” said City Councilman Len Torres. “The City is also responsible for the maintenance of the numerous parking lots. In the last 20 years, the City has undertaken a long-term program to upgrade its infrastructure, and as a result, a large number of roads and community parking lots have been upgraded.”

“The reconstruction of the parking mall is a good investment in the Long Beach community,” said Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano. “I am happy to have partnered with the City of Long Beach in making this project a reality.”

The reconstruction of this parking mall will include:

Resurfacing and repaving the existing surface, which will be replaced with an asphalt composite pavement installed over a recycled concrete aggregate (RCA).

Replacement/improvements to the storm water system to better mitigate the chronic flooding issues that have plagued that parking mall.

A new street lighting system that will adequately illuminate the center mall while at the same time being environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

New concrete curbs, sidewalks and sidewalk ramps. All new sidewalk ramps will be up to current code, with all work being compliant with ADA requirements.

New landscaping that will be aesthetically pleasing and provide a more welcoming atmosphere than before.

Improvement to the layout of the parking mall, especially the entrance and exit in a manner that maximizes space available for parking and provides safe passage for vehicular and pedestrian traffic through the mall.

The addition of a traffic light in the middle of the block between Roosevelt and Neptune Blvd. to make crossing from the parking mall and the commercial strip much safer for pedestrians.

Once the bid for the construction is awarded, work is scheduled to start on June 1 and is anticipated to take 180 days to complete. The reconstruction of the parking mall will take place one section at a time to preserve parking and minimize any inconvenience to the adjacent businesses and their patrons.

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9 thoughts on “East End Parking To Receive Massive, Much Needed Upgrade”

  1. That’s awesome. TFS! Any ideas how parking down by the boardwalk at Neptune will be affected with the plans for Billy’s Way? We haven’t heard much about that.

  2. One of the City Council members told me a few months ago how Billys Way and lost bathroom work is phase two. Should happen soon.. hopefully. I am curious myself how this pans out. Perhaps you can park under Billys Way?

  3. How would people feel about some kind of a pedestrian barrier on the north side of that parking area with openings only at the crosswalks so pedestrians would be funneled to the safest crossing area(s)?

  4. Before they inconvenience any pedestrians who want to cross anywhere along that street by using a barrier to stop them, they would put 4 traffic lights on that one block.

  5. Good point. Who is going to walk quarter a block, cross the street, walk half a block to the store, then do the same in reverse, when they could just scurry across the street. I still think it’s needed, but I’d prefer head-in parking.. maybe cut the parking mall in half to make room for this…Gotta be a better way.

  6. It’s not like every time I drive down that block there’s not 2+ cars stopped in the middle of the block in the right-most traveling lane forcing last minute merges/cut offs and a pedestrian trying to jump out from behind one of them.

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