Long Beach NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan [A Quick Rundown]

A reader named Patrick was kind enough to do a quick rundown of the recently released Long Beach NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan. There are some really awesome and interesting ideas on the table here. Most for protecting our city by the sea, while others are aesthetic & sustainable improvements.

I’ve had this report for a few days now and there is so much to absorb. Every now and then I will try to highlight a topic for us to talk about, but in the meantime, enjoy: Long Beach NY Rising Community Reconstruction Plan (PDF). A major thanks goes to all the members of the NYRCR Long Beach Planning Committee. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

PLEASE NOTE: ‘Proposed’ projects are the ones they asked for money for. ‘Featured’ projects are either already paid for through other means or sitting on a ‘wish’ list for funding down the road.

  • Bulkheading – North Shore (Proposed Project) p. 103
  • Drainage Improvements (Proposed Project) p. 107
  • Critical Facility Resiliency (Proposed Project) p. 111
  • Establish Office of Emergency Management (Proposed Project) p. 115
  • Protection of Community Centers (Proposed Project) p. 119
  • Park Avenue/Beech Street Streetscape Drainage Study and Infrastructure Improvements (Proposed Project) p. 123
  • Parking Garage for Emergency Vehicles (Proposed Project) p. 127
  • Protection of Wells and Sewer Pump/Lift Stations (Proposed Project) p. 131
  • Protection of Public Housing Units (Proposed Project) p. 135
  • Protection of Senior Housing Units (Proposed Project) p. 138
  • Stormwater Project Phase 2/ Stormwater Force Main Project (Featured Project) p. 141
  • North Shore Protection of Critical Utilities (Featured Project) p. 143
  • Canal Gates in the East End (Featured Project) p. 146
  • Park Avenue Complete Streets Phase 2 includes the
    redevelopment of Kennedy Plaza (Featured Project) p. 149
  • Bayfront Revitalization Plan (Featured Project) p. 152
  • Revolving Loan Fund for Elevating Homes (Featured Project) p. 154

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