Bike Lane Wish List (Part 2)


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Adding to the bike path conversation from last week, Long Beach resident Patrick submits his vision of what a path through our barrier Island could look like. Patricks idea is interesting because it takes some of the bike riding away from Park Avenue/Lido Blvd and puts it a little closer to nature. Check it out:

“What would be incredible if they could somehow connect a bike path by the land next to the Lido Towers. They have that weird overpass there, not sure if it is private property.  If that could be added the bike lane could come off the Boardwalk , down Broadway , Richmond road, though that wooden overpass area and then that park land across from the Lido Fire House. 

At that point (and this will never happen)  it should go down Ocean Blvd in Lido Beach and widen the little walkway to the east and connect up with Prescott road and enter the Lido/Nickerson park. 

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 10.04.35 AMAs an alternative it would need to go on Lido Blvd past the residences and then hook up with a path like what they are doing at Eisenhower Park. There would be one issue by the Lido Townhouses where the lane would have to be only sidewalk width.  As another alternative they could possibly cross lido blvd go along southern perimeter of golf course and cross back over Lido Blvd (that route would take bike lane past people’s backyards, so there would be extreme opposition.)

 (Bike path on Merrick Avenue along Eisenhower Park)


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4 thoughts on “Bike Lane Wish List (Part 2)”

  1. Yes, some safe alternatives to the BW would be wonderful. Especially considering all of the remaining nature areas both along the ocean and bay sides.

  2. Public space is one of the most important reasons why you chose a city, and why you stay in a city. Let’s not take these wonderful ideas for granted. Everyone should invest just a little bit of effort to make this happen, and with a communal force there are no limits. Beautiful bike paths running down Broadway from the boardwalk and to ocean blvd in lido and eventually connecting our land mass with our eastern neighboring barrier islands by bicycle is an objective that every NY’er can get behind

  3. Final point: we are not talking about putting in a High Line elevated structure/Garden. The only requirement is just negotiating land rights and making bicycle paths through safe spaces.

  4. Don’t forget the people who walk, jog, stroll , meander along.
    We live in an area full of potentialities for bike paths , nature viewing areas with platforms, docks , hiking trails and the like. Oh for it to happen!

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