Leave the Skateboarders ON the Boardwalk!

I’m hearing skateboarders are allegedly getting tickets or at least getting yelled at to not skate on the boardwalk. Really? That’s kinda sad…  Skating is just another form of recreation that we should welcome here in Long Beach. I like watching the skaters. It makes me feel like I’m living in some sort of beach town…..

These skaters are on a little piece of wood with four wheels. They aren’t going to hurt anybody, unlike this 4-wheeled beast:

(Photo taken from Long Beach Matters to You).

I get that the city needs vehicles on the boardwalk, so I’m not complaining about that because they are using smaller cars, but what really is the big deal over skateboards? We are always complaining about the kids today; how they don’t play outside anymore or how they are always playing video games on their ipads, etc etc. Well, skating is a recreational activity! They are getting exercise when they skate! They are getting fresh air! They are battling the obesity issue of America! Isn’t this what we want?

Instead of giving tickets to skateboarders, how about all the countless cars that go through the stop signs? Or the speeding on Park Avenue? Priorities!!

If liability is an issue, there is risk in everything we do! We have bigger issues in this city, skating is not one of them.

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16 thoughts on “Leave the Skateboarders ON the Boardwalk!”

  1. its ok to push bikes @50 miles an hour that can hurt someone but never has but we cant push a skateboard doing 10 miles an hour come on people lets get this off the list of cant do laws on boardwalk.
    what are the reasons??????

  2. I live in a building along the boardwalk & I don’t mind skateboarders so much but sadly there’ve been some kids that like to “practice” at 1 a.m.! They are bouncing off the boardwalk, buildings & benches. Aside from the noise, this will surely cause some damage to the boardwalk (& other property) I’d hate to have to call the cops to chase off the kids but there is no assurance this type of behavior will diminish.

  3. They’ve never been allowed on the boardwalk. Would they belong in the bike lane? Bikes go in a straight, consistent line, the skateboards, not so much. In the walking areas? Around and through people and baby carriages? This should be thought through first.

  4. Maybe impose a gliding only rule?? But I agree they should be allowed to travel in the bike lane. Maybe it will slow the bikers down a bit and actually add to the safety of the pedestrians.

  5. I just saw a kid going down the boardwalk doing ollies every ten feet.that’s when you jump using your board.This is wood.they’re going to destroy the boardwalk doing that.he’s literally jumping three feet in the air and then slamming his hard plastic wheels down. Come on. No hard plastic wheels should be allowed.

  6. I think the long-boards are totally fine and should be allowed to stay, but the kids doing tricks run the risk of doing damage to the new boardwalk.

  7. Answer this question: Would you let a 175 pound kid use a skateboard to jump three feet in the air and come down with his URETHANE wheels on YOUR brand new backyard deck. Or, would you take that board and smack him upside the head.

  8. I’ve done it on my OWN brand new deck, there wasn’t a single mark. Let’s also make sure we point out my deck is pressure treated pine, not the incredibly durable hardwood the boardwalk is made out of, making it even less of an issue.

  9. The tail of a skateboard hasn’t been used for for slowing down since about 1985 when they had plastic tail guards. If you want to argue people jump off boards to stop and in doing so aren’t able to control the trajectory of the board, I could see a point being made there.

  10. Skatebords and Shates should be incouraged to use the boardwalk. How come the Cops don’t got after the people riding bikes on the sidewalks.You don’t need little cars on the Boardwalk let the fat ass cops use a

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