Traffic Haters’ Ride to Long Beach this Sunday

5bbc_logo_103x75The Five Borough Bicycle Club, who bill themselves as NY’s Friendliest Bike Club, will be embarking on a journey to Long Beach on Sunday, May 11th.  For those who would like to join them, view the event details here: Traffic Haters’ Ride to Long Beach

“Visit the newly reconstructed Long Beach boardwalk and see how this town and others on Long Island’s south shore have rehabilitated themselves after the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy almost two years ago. The Traffic Haters’ route will take us on quiet, back roads in both Queens and Nassau counties. Bring lunch or the money to buy it as we enjoy our meal on the boardwalk facing the Atlantic Ocean.

For some strange and odd reason, there was anger and concern amongst a couple of readers at Long Beach Matters To You regarding this event. Perhaps this anger comes from those who actually love traffic and were offended by the event name? Or fear that this bike club is a gang in disguise who will be invading our city by the sea in large numbers.

Well, I contacted the Traffic Haters’ Ride to Long Beach organizers and here is what they told me:

I would expect on a nice day to have about 20 cyclists on the ride leaving from Cunningham Park in Queens. We expect to hit the LB boardwalk around 12:30 or 1pm. We will buy our lunch at the delis on New York Ave and eat it on the boardwalk around Lafayette Ave. where the bathrooms are located.

So around 20 cyclists who plan on spending money in Long Beach? I think I can speak for most business owners in Long Beach when I say this: WELCOME! Yep, no reason to be concerned. Let’s show these bike clubs that Long Beach is very friendly (and bike friendly) town. Please come, enjoy our new and beautiful boardwalk and spend your money here!  I hope you add Long Beach to your event list on a permanent basis.

Full cue sheet of their itinerary is below:





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  1. Too bad our Shameber of commerce did not have a nice little map of stores, restaurants, etc that we could forward to these riders.

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