Litter, Paper Only, Bottles and Cans (Clap your hands!)

Yes, it’s totally ok to be excited about the new garbage/recycling receptacles that are popping up all over our city. Especially ones that have recycling bins included. Now our mission in Long Beach is to raise our recycling rate; while it’s higher than most Long Island communities, it’s still rather low compared to municipals nationwide.



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12 thoughts on “Litter, Paper Only, Bottles and Cans (Clap your hands!)”

  1. Last time I checked, recycling costs the City and its taxpayers a small fortune. I believe the more we recycle, the higher the bill. So why would any rational municipality spend thousands of dollars to purchase bins that will raise their costs? And this may be the reason we don’t see these bins elsewhere. Come villages care even a little about how their residents’ money is spent.

    Another issue is who will unload these new bins? They appear to require a key to unlock. Even an imbecile would know that the sanitation folks’ contract doesn’t permit them locking, unlocking doors and using keys. Even if it did, ever try unlocking a bin with gloves on when it’s eight degrees outside? So a City “exempt” or management employee will have to be around to unlock the bins.

    My final criticism comes with the mounting locations of these flimsy sheet-metal bins at the curbs… When snow is plowed off the street into the binds it will rip them up and destroy them.

    In summery, whose Bozo idea was this? Great intention, without a clue or a shred of knowledge.

    You know what they say about good intentions.

  2. No Eddie, you sir are a complete bozo! Your comment shows you have not a clue or shred of knowledge about this initiative. They were provided free to the city as part of the greener corners initiative. These will help with the overflowing garbage receptacles in place now. And by sorting the garbage before sending it off lowers the cost, thus saving the city money and generating the revenue for the city by offering advertisements that local businesses can take advantage of. Also, that key and lock dilemma is to unlock the advertisement panel not the receptacles themselves. The sanitation workers will be able to take and remove the garbage just as they do now. Lastly, these will be bolted into the ground to hopefully prevent them being destroyed by snow plows. But in that instance the Greener Corner’s company is also responsible for cleaning, maintaining and repairing them. In summary, while your comment had great intention of making you look like you knew what you’re talking about.. it lacked a clue or shred of any real knowledge. Bozo.

  3. Ugly, and won’t stop the trash from flying down the street or underpaid garbage slaves blocking traffic to unload! Nice waste of money waste cans!

  4. John, thanks for informing me. Hopefully what you write is true. I would like to believe each of your points. It give me hope.

    It’s unfortunate that the past destructive decisions of our leaders tend to taint whatever good ones they happen to make.

    Thanks again.

    Your friend,

  5. Quite right, John – These public recycling bins are cost-free to the City and provide our residents and visitors with a way to recycle on the go, something that we were lacking prior. Greener Corners also cleans & maintains the bins, and track all the recyclables going into them so our community can learn how well the program is working. Along with some education and awareness around Long Beach, this program will have a positive impact on our sustainable initiatives and overall environmental responsibility.

    As no taxpayer dollars go to funding this, the program is entirely supported by local businesses who have a unique opportunity to advertise on these bins. In that sense, it’s also a local economic stimulus program and the City receives a percentage of all revenue coming in. This is a true win-win and we look forward to a Greener Long Beach!

  6. I won’t get into name calling, but to complete the debunking of your original post, recycling actually costs the city less than having garbage carted away. with that, i think each and every point of your post has been addressed.

    and as to, “It’s unfortunate that the past destructive decision of our leaders tend to taint whatever good ones they happen to make”. We’ll, my friend, that – just like each and every one of our perceptions, attitudes and predispositions – is entirely of your own control. Only you can decide whether or not your going to let such things cloud your ability to see things clearly or not. it’s high time we each take responsibility for our own words, actions and opinions.

  7. Along with this initiative, the city needs to educate the porters and supers of the buildings as to what is recyclable. Apparently, for a short while after Sandy, the program was suspended (understandably) some of the porters no longer think cardboard needs to be culled, or make up their own rules. We can improve if we try!

  8. Nothing is free. It will cost us one way or another. Eddie is correct about the snow plows. They are a distraction to drivers( hence the international effort to ban billboards). Totally ridiculous as to the placement. We already have our own homegrown recyclers roving the city with shopping carts that already have the pictures of our local real estate agents on them. One more picture of Tom Tripodi and I’m ready to scratch my eye’s out.

  9. Hopefully we wont be accosted with huge pictures of realtor’s heads on every corner!! I know there are more vital issues- but improving the appearance of LB overall is important. These ego-maniac real estate people are out of control.
    Also, who is walking down the street with an armful of recycles? Perhaps a few bins when you walk off the beach would make sense- but most recycle at home.

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