Report: Oystercatchers Vs. The City of Long Beach? [UPDATED]

Update (1:28pm): Victory! The city listened and moved the trailer about 50 feet to the west.  There is still some concern over how close the birds are, but the trailer has to be near the bathroom pipe location. Kudos to LB for listening. 


This isn’t the first time we’ve see this beautiful birds nesting on our beach (/?tag=oystercatcher). They have been here before and will be here again. These innocent birds, which are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, are apparently involved in a situation, as a reader explains:

It appears that in preparation for upcoming events, the City has placed restroom trailers along the boardwalk, on the beach side. Honestly, I’m not sure if that is what they are to be used for, but this one in particular is a BIG problem. There is an Oystercatcher nest, with eggs and sitting parent, right in the path from the shoreline to the restrooms. We have roped and coned off the nest, but the amount of traffic going near the nest will drastically disturb the birds. 

The eggs will probably be hatching sometime between the19th – 26th of May —  Memorial Day Weekend. 

Obviously people are very concerned about this birds, as they should be. As a member of the  South Shore Audubon Society, I’m concerned as well. Spread the word to get these birds protected.


“Despite its expanding range, the American Oystercatcher is currently listed as a Species of Special Concern in many coastal states. Due to its small North American population and concentrated winter range, the American Oystercatcher is particularly vulnerable to catastrophe; one hurricane or oil spill could prove devastating. Oystercatchers are shy birds, so human encroachment—particularly on the breeding grounds—is another serious threat.” National Audubon Society. 


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  1. A whole empty beach and they have to pick this particular location for the trailer?! How utterly stupid and oblivious!

  2. Someone needs to move some of them to the area of the superblock, to stop the construction there using the endangered species act.

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