The Wayfarer (The property formerly known as the Superblock)

UPDATE: Does Wayfarer refer to a style of sunglasses?  If so,  I’m going to buy the foundation block and call it Speedos.


As reported by Project 11561, the Superblock has a new name: The Wayfarer. What is a Wayfarer, you ask?

a person who travels on foot
Travels on foot? Sounds like this property will comply with complete streets!

Successfully expanded the entitlements for Wayfarer, a waterfront high-rise multifamily tower in Long Beach, NY. The new plans will allow iStar to increase the total project size to 522 condominiums. This is the first development of this magnitude to be built on Long Island in over 30 years. [DIGITAL JOURNAL]

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16 thoughts on “The Wayfarer (The property formerly known as the Superblock)”

  1. There’s tons of people on foot on the boardwalk all the time. Are these transients? Is watching the sunset loitering?

    Some times I can’t stand how some people twist the English language around.

  2. Now there’s a smart fellow.


    The iconic sunglasses most often thought of with surfers and a beach community lifestyle.

  3. Tons? How many tons? Is it dangerous? Will the BW collapse under the strain? But I hope not considering the cost.
    All the time ? How many tons on your average Tuesday morning at 3:30 AM in February?
    If people on foot are moving briefly from one place to another they are, by definition, transients.
    Bu t people watching the sunset are not loitering since they have a purpose in being where they are even though the BW is not the best place to watch the sunset. They are misguided or misinformed transients IMHO who can see it better over on the bay.
    The twist was all the rage one summer many, many years ago. Are you still doing it?
    Maybe on the BW. At 3:30 in the morning in February.

  4. They aren’t condos. Only apartments conform to the master plan for the City to become the Rockaways. Subsidized rentals will be going in there. There is no market in LB for 522 condos, there are plenty of unsold condos along the boardwalk right now. But you can always fill an apartment building.

  5. I wish Long Beach would be more like the Rockaways! Brand new awesome skatepark on the ocean NOT in a hidden sewage stinky corner on the bay. MOMA sponsored events, amazingly delicious and diverse restaurants, a massive YMCA, bike lanes, a restaurant on the bay you can boat to, kayaking galore on the bay, ferry service into Manhattan, bars by the beach, affordable hotels….and affordable housing! Lots of wonderful human beings live in the Rockaways.

  6. I love Long Beach and don’t like or want to be to negative– but the scope of this project is just too big. I don’t see this going well in the long run. On a smaller scale I think it could have been very successful and have had a positive impact on the community. Some of the decisions being made are very frustrating.

  7. When a developer is working with the right people in this city they get what they want doesn’t matter what the residents want.

  8. With less and less people wanting to live on Long Island, it makes perfect sense to build this without improving the surrounding area. Long Beach doesn’t need more housing, it needs more reasons to come to it and stay in it.

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