One thought on “West End Clean-up this Saturday May 17 10am, corner of Maryland and Oceanview”

  1. The West End is looking much better! Thanks to the volunteers and the City the West End now has flowering plants (perennials) added to five planters on Oceanview, as well as several newly painted planters.

    In addition, the West End Community Gardena and the Nevada St garden have been weeded and are now looking spectacular.

    And, Beech St is looking cleaner, due to volunteers picking up garbage.

    While the West End Neighbors Civic Association (WENCA) and West End Beautification Association (WEBA) both coordinated the clean-up, clearly West End neighbors helped make this a success.

    Let’s build on this weekend’s success. Volunteers can contact WENCA and WEBA to help with future clean-ups, and each community member can help pick up litter, identify spots to clean up, and help upgrade the beauty of their property. Let’s make the West End beautiful.

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