Q: Should Bike Lane lines on the New Boardwalk be stained? [A: Yes]

969308_658957844157378_6672364258235093963_nRob Rothman posted on his Facebook page the idea of staining bike lanes on the new boardwalk. I personally think this is an amazing idea. Stain soaks into the wood, looks classy and will age better than paint. ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT!

Rob writes:

Stained Bike lane lines as opposed to White Bike lane lines. We need something and definitely not painted white lines. Signs just wont do the trick, way too much traffic during the Summer. So I thought that this would not only do the trick, but would look really cool and maintain a sense of that “old world” charm at the same time…What do you think? Please share this. I would like to get a good feel for the idea, positive and constructive comments are welcome.  Rob Rothman ©2014


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14 thoughts on “Q: Should Bike Lane lines on the New Boardwalk be stained? [A: Yes]”

  1. Great idea and absolutely necessary based on what I am seeing. Non locals are strolling the bike lane without realizing they are blocking bikers. Stop Whining, please follow your own advice. This is not about anything other than making the BW work for all. Bike lanes are not an excuse for speeding on a crowded BW my fellow bikers. Rob’s idea is attractive.

  2. As a safe bike rider, don’t know how many times strollers wander aimlessly into the bike lane especially young children not on leashes

  3. I am neither a young child, nor a tourist and I have been guilty of wandering into the bike lane when out walking with friends. The stained lines and graphics are attractive and informative. I love it.

  4. Absolutely needed. Too many peopl don’t realize it is a bike lane-
    Peopl are unaware and put themselves and riders at risk

  5. For the love of god and all that is holy would someone please paint bike lanes and “bikes / skateboards only” [heh, had to include that in there] on the boardwalk so I do not have to do it at 2am and call Anthony to come bail me out of jail the next day? Thx.

  6. I wonder in the bike lane on the boardwalk almost every time I’m walking on it simply because i’m so use to being in the middle of it on my bike [rarely walk on it] that my brain forgets.

  7. Great idea. There should also be a center line. Another idea would be to have a metal insert for the bike icons. This would cost more but be more permanent. More visible and also classy.

  8. This is a fantastic idea! Burgundyesque “classy” if I do say so.

    I love how people get upset when out-of-towners don’t somehow instinctively know the middle of the boardwalk, sans any signs or indicators, is the bike lane.

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