Battle of the Giant Ice Cream Cones (And other Random Stuff)

ICE CREAM WAR! That’s the scene on Lido Blvd right now near our old-time favorite Marvel Ice Cream (258 Lido Blvd). Frozen Cow Ices & Cream (300 Lido Blvd) just opened right down the block with a giant roof-top ice cream cone of their own (see photo above). Lido Beach now has the highest per capita ‘giant ice cream cones’ in the world! USA! USA! USA!

Other Random stuff: Five Guys Burgers & Fries (2 W Park Ave) is renovating and hiring.  Gentle Brew Coffee (151 E Park Ave) has a new logo; & here are the blueprints for their new boardwalk mobile vending cart (link). Speaking of food by the beach, Corazon de Cuba (26 E. Park Ave) will debute a food truck at this years Shoregasboard. A new Mexican restaurant will be opening in the vacant Serata location (777 W. Beech St). The new Citibank on Park Avenue is going to look exactly like the old Citibank on Park Avenue – just smaller. I just hope the old Citibank location doesn’t remain vacant for long. Sugo Cafe (62 W Park Ave) is selling tacos from their sidewalk window. RaKang (895 Beech St) has a great Sautéed Hot Sweet Basil with Chicken dish (extra spicy). Long Beach Cinemas still looks like they are still reopening, despite rumors how it’s a sham. The city painted all the graffiti that was on the foundation block foundations (Yay!) & please don’t put stickers on the new garbage/recycling receptacles.

I’m missing a lot. What else is going on? Please share in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Battle of the Giant Ice Cream Cones (And other Random Stuff)”

  1. Isn’t this like a kosher deli moving into the old King’s Pharmacy space?

    The ice/cream competition is heavy on the barrier island. Tutti, Ralph’s, 20 Below, Marvel’s and now this place? There’s a reality show somewhere here…

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