8 thoughts on “New Open Air Trolley!!”

  1. Tried to take the trolley on Friday based on the trolley schedule… Called transportation several times on Friday to confirm and no one answered the phone, took a gamble and waited for it with my 3 year old sin who was over the moon excited. Never came at Neptune, friend again at Edwards, never came. My son is now crying and so disappointed, a man who works for sanitation called his friend who works for transportation and even though there was no rain Friday night between 5 – 8pm they decided not to run the trolley nor did they decided to post a schedule change on the website. Soooo I fell that they owe my son a HUGE apology. Leave it to long beach to have great ideas with no organization skills.

  2. Sorry about all my spelling mistakes, did this on my phone and didn’t proof read it! Now I’m embarrassed of my errors!

  3. Bankrupt City which borrows $150 million for salaries and overtime spends $150,000 on an open-air bus and doesn’t run it on a regular schedule. These Democrats can’t get more screwed up!

  4. The Trolley cost $230,000 according to the Herald. Did you know we already had a trolley, barely used? I guess nobody figured they could open or pull out the windows from that one for less than $230k. Meanwhile, the City just raised fares for Seniors and Handicapped. Also, I called Transportation to see if they thought about re-routing East Loop to the SNCH “Band Aid” Trailer instead of still going to closed LBMC. Asked if I could email them suggestions, said she didn’t know. Much more about the buses, but don’t want to add to this old thread. Herald – http://liherald.com/longbeach/stories/City-purchases-new-trolley,52147

  5. Allison was confident that her overtures to and meetings with the City would result in a coordination of the buses with the LIRR. Can you update us Allison? Thanks.

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