The Case of the Mysterious Telephone Poles on the Beach (Update: Dune Walkovers)

UPDATE: As pointed out in the comments, plus further investigation, it is indeed part of the Dune Walkover Project. A similar scene is happening on the East End as well, east of the boardwalk. Information on this project is found on the city website [Rebuilding Dune Walkovers].


A reader named Jessica wants to know what the deal is with those telephone poles being installed on the beach near Wyoming. I would like to know myself. Please enlighten us!

unnamedI noticed this telephone pole arrangement on the beach. There has been a sand mountain for a while and yesterday a huge crane.  I assumed they we’re tell replenishing the dunes. I was really surprised to see this wooden pole arrangement installed so close to the shoreline. My friend and I realized it’s not wood for entrance steps. It’s actually located in front of the dunes to your right after entering the beach. No construction crews to be found, and we’re all intrigued b/c it doesn’t look like a foundation for a structure, and haven’t read or heard about any city sponsored beach projects.

We were at a loss, and I remembered how well you sleuthed the mystery of the boardwalk black boxes! Do you know what this is or what it looks like to you? Are we all morons, and is this some well known beach maintenance project?  

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  1. I’m pretty sure these are in fact the beginnings of your new beach entrance. They have to get pushed into the sand more and then they will be part of your dune walkovers. The ones at some other entrances are further along and you can see what it’s turning into.

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