Rollerbladers Vs Motorcycles: Which is more dangerous on the boardwalk? (opinion)

I just watched a police officer on a motorcycle chase two rollerblading adults off the boardwalk. Yep, saw it with my own eyes at Riverside Blvd.

The motorcycle smelled like fumes, was very loud and scary. The rollerbladers weren’t bothering anybody one bit.

Is this the long beach we want to live in? I thought LB was about recreation. Discuss.

UPDATE: Ok, my original title was was harsh. It has since been changed, but I watch cars break laws all day long. I am so tempted to video all the cars speeding through the stop sign by my house just to make the green light on Park. It’s sickening.  In the seven years living here, I only once have I seen a car get pulled over near me.

There is bigger crime to deal with in Long Beach. A few adults rollerblading isn’t one of them.

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20 thoughts on “Rollerbladers Vs Motorcycles: Which is more dangerous on the boardwalk? (opinion)”

  1. Long Beach isn’t a police state. Anthony, you’re better than unnecessarily sensational headlines like this.

    I took this picture on April 19, cop on motorcycle told rollerbladers they were too dangerous for the boardwalk:

    Cop then drove away and rode his motorcycle down the ramp by the Avalon.

    No one had any issue with the rollerblader, I was behind him for a while.

    People complain that it’s dangerous when people ride down the boardwalk ramps on bicycle clutching their brakes to keep their speed down, how about riding a motorcycle down one?

  2. Really? How come I’m not surprised… Keep up the intimidation tactics – no one will want to come to Long Beach. We have drivers blowing stop signs, light and speeding. I guess its easier to intimidate a roller-blader than actually do some work. And this is what we get for $12MM+

  3. A motorcycle on the boardwalk seems like overkill to me! And just wrong on the ramps! No wonder everyone is speeding and going through stop signs. No one is watching the streets; just the boardwalk…

  4. Anthony is right and should have kept the original title. I saw it because I subscribe to his emails. There is too much police presence on the boardwalk and not enough on the streets. That seems to be what he is getting at. Enough is enough chasing innocent people off the boardwalk, unless they were a menace, which it doesn’t seem like they were.

    Whatever happened to the days when officers would patrol the boardwalk on bikes? That wasn’t too long ago. All these vehicles and even the ones on the beach with speeding needs to stop. I feel like all this patrolling on beach/boardwalk has gotten even more dangerous. Give out tickets in the areas where the real danger is: the streets!

  5. The problem is the roads have too many potholes to Rollerblade on.Actually let me restate that: The roads have too many potholes to drive an SUV on!

  6. I don’t rollerblade or skateboard but I think both are as safe or even safer for pedestrians than bicycles. I like seeing people do both on the boardwalk and hope that we can get the City to allow both. The real danger is from clueless, oblivious pedestrians staring at the beach while walking into or diagonally across the bike lanes. Bike mounted police should patrol the boardwalk warning and warding off pedestrians from the bike lane.

    Police do not need motorcycles on the boardwalk, 2.1 miles is short enough that a bicycle mounted policeman can call for backup from a car located on the street if ever needed. Also, what ever happened to those Segways? I didn’t much care for them but they are preferable to motorcycles, cars or gas powered carts.

  7. Even if they don’t allow rollerblading, the point is how the police handle law enforcement on the boardwalk. I wonder how much ticket revenue is collected, compared to cost of patrol, gas, insurance, etc. Hopefully they will eventually allow rollerblading, but until then – the system of enforcement is unacceptable.

  8. Lori is right, as she is much of the time. Much of it has to do with the attitude of the police.

    They are serving us the public after all, aren’t they?

    But I still feel that rollerblades, skateboarding, bicycles and large numbers of pedestrians is a dangerous mix.

    And what effect is there on the BW?

  9. What are you people talking about. The Police don’t make the rules, your City Council does. If you think rollerblading and kite flying and skateboarding should be allowed on the boardwalk then petition the city to change the law. As far as too much police presence on the boardwalk. Again are you insane? Please don’t be the victim of an assault or robbery up there and wonder where the police are. You all know the police cant be everywhere. But if they are where I am (On the boardwalk a lot), Ill take it to ensure my family and I are safe. In addition, I really don’t give a rats ass what they patrol the boardwalk on and neither should you as long they are there.

  10. I find it completely obnoxious that rollerbladers and skaterboarders who aren’t bothering anyone are told to leave the boardwalk by officers using equipment far more dangerous than that of the people they are addressing. Not too mention, little board and blade wheels aren’t going to damaging the boardwalk like vehicles that could leak fluid and wear down the boards.

    I know a story of a young girl who was trying to ride her skateboard home on the BW one night and an officer in a smart car told her to go down to the street. So, let me get this straight, you’re asking a young girl to leave the brightly lit and patrolled boardwalk to ride her skateboard along the dim streets to get home. Who are you trying to protect here?

  11. As an avid cyclist I can appreciate all points of view. But, there are specific rules posted on every ramp. Skateboarders weaving in traffic are a danger to folks on bikes and foot. The bigger issue for me is the lack of proper lane marking and directional arrows for the bike lane.
    non -residents have no clue. People cross without looking both ways and worse allow their children to meander and run around in the lane. People forget that bikes are vehicles and that even one moving at slow speed can truly injure a child or an adult. I think the city will be held liable when the inevitable accident occurs. They are tempting fate for the sake of esthetics.

  12. I wonder what is the history of the rollerblading ban. Can’t seem to understand it.

    I’m sure there was a time or an incident that motivated it.

    Maybe it’s time to revisit the issue?

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