Wear Red Tonight. City Responds with A Letter to SNCH (Hospital)

Tonight we are encouraged to wear RED at City Council in sending a message how we need our hospital back, funded by FEMA (see first flyer below). The City of Long Beach responds with a letter being sent directly to Mr. Richard Murphy, CEO of South Nassau (SNCH) asking that all $138 Million go rehabilitation to the facility (see second flyer below).

Mr. Murphy, the ball is now in your court.



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2 thoughts on “Wear Red Tonight. City Responds with A Letter to SNCH (Hospital)”

  1. Anthony, I thought you might appreciate this reply from South Nassau after I shared this blog post on my Facebook page

    “We are grateful for Senator Chuck Schumer’s ardent efforts and steadfast support to secure the vital FEMA funds in support of our work to begin the process of restoring vital health care services to the residents of Long Beach and surrounding South Shore communities. The use of these important FEMA funds is subject to ongoing federal audit and will be used for the redevelopment of the Long Beach Medical Center (LBMC) campus. This will commence with the establishment of a state-of-the-art modular family medicine-urgent care center, which South Nassau Communities Hospital (SNCH) will, upon state approval, transition to a state-of-the-art, 911-emergency receiving facility backed up by SNCH. In conjunction with these plans, a complete physical assessment will be conducted of the very substantial infrastructure damage to the LBMC facility and building systems sustained as a result of Sandy. It will be a priority to ascertain, with the assistance of commercial engineers and architects, the extent of the damage to the facility and the steps that must be taken to develop a long-range master facility plan to make the most efficient use of the FEMA funds for the redevelopment of the LBMC campus.”

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