FYI: And the CEO of SNCH Responds to TCOLB Regarding sale of LBMC and reopening of said Hospital

South Nassau Community Hospital CEO Richard Murphy quickly responded to the City of Long Beach regarding the Long Beach Medical Center (see letter below).

So what do you LBMC-loving folks think? Does this suffice? Should we still be wearing red, or is it cake time? 10345538_665783936834697_7801890933547594899_n 10354135_665783920168032_1430141537468790810_n

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5 thoughts on “FYI: And the CEO of SNCH Responds to TCOLB Regarding sale of LBMC and reopening of said Hospital”

  1. I wouldn’t quite eat cake yet. There is no mention of intent to open a HOSITAL. As a matter of fact the full intentions were not clear at all.

  2. Typical political double speak! We don’t need flowers and plants in a parking lot around a modular building. Why waste money on window dressing? Especially since it is no more than a walk in clinic! We need an Emergency Room, and I am beginning to think we need an ongoing audit of how the FEMA funds are spent.

  3. I found South Nassau’s financial report online. It’s 50 pages, but take the time to look it over. It shows SNCH has hundreds of millions of dollars stashed away already in “investments.” Also, they’ve already gotten multi-million dollar grants in 2013 to help cover the “Long Beach problem-” $1.5M from the Dormitory Authority of the Sate of New York” and $21M from HEAL- Health Care Efficiency and Affordability Law. This is to fund “legal and other expenses incurred related to the LBMC transaction.” Where is all that money? Spent on flowers and bushes?

    Other topics include a strange liaison with Winthrop. Some of the “numbers” in this audited report are astounding. So much PROFITS!!! They have a patient profile showing less than 10% with just “basic” insurance. They “cherry pick” their admissions. I believe that’s why they want an urgent care “triage” center here. Only people with the best insurance will get the ride up to SNCH.

    Hopefully a reader with more financial savvy can dug deeper into this. See the report Ernst and Young “Consolidated Financial Statements” for SNCH year end 2013-

  4. Bob West – I always enjoy reading your research and point of view. Will delve into your link as well. As always, thank you. Lori

  5. Bob – almost forgot… To your comment – only the best insurance gets to South Nassau…. You are right. They won’t take Empire Blue Cross/BS from the health exchange.

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