Is the Optimum Online Wi-Fi on the boardwalk already working?

This is referring to those black boxes which have recently been installed on many of the boardwalk lamp posts (read: THE CASE OF THE MYSTERIOUS BLACK BOXES [UPDATE: IT’S OPTIMUM ONLINE WI-FI]).

Yep, they are for Optimum Online Wi-Fi.

While on the boardwalk this past weekend, I checked the available Wi-Fi networks on my phone on two separate occasions. Both times my phone automatically connected to my Optimum Online account. This begs to ask: Has the boardwalk wi-fi switch been turned on without any fanfare? Or is the big announcement coming soon? Because according to my phone, it’s already working.

2014-06-05 20.00.50

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3 thoughts on “Is the Optimum Online Wi-Fi on the boardwalk already working?”

  1. Last week I spoke to the Cablevision project manager overseeing the entire install on the boardwalk. He said they are still working on it but most of the boardwalk is up and running. My guess is the announcement comes when they are 100% complete.

  2. that’s funny because I couldn’t even make a phone call or text message from the beach this weekend . . . every time I did, the call didn’t go through or the text failed to send! hoping it was just a one-time problem!

  3. I’m sure it’s unrelated but, yes, the cell transmitter located atop Granada towers was messed up this weekend. Still is. Dropping calls, not accepting text messages. Hope AT & T fixes the stupid thing.

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