A few Random Thoughts [June 11th Edition]

  • Carvel appears to be moving into that little freestanding building next to 7-11 in the West End on Beech Street.
  • Former-Duke Falcons and former-Tuscan Grill both had their FOR RENT signs taken down, and their windows are covered in paper. Have they both been rented? (let us know!)
  • A few months ago I tweeted how Costco was going to be coming to Oil City, Oceanside. I’m now hearing that deal is off because the ground is apparently contaminated. I think it’s time for Nassau County/TOH to take that property off the market and let nature take over. We really don’t need a giant superstore to bring more vacancies to our downtowns.
  • The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce has a new sign which looks much better than the old brown one:chamberofcommerce Now they just need some paint.
  • Speaking of the Chamber, anybody get that MapToons in the mail? Here is the online version: www.maptoons.li/long-beach. It’s interactive and pretty cool.
  • New garbage receptacles on the boardwalk:garbage
  • You can pick up the boardwalk Optimum Wi-Fi near the shoreline. It’s great for those who love to swim and text at the same time. The service is still spotty in some parts of the boardwalk. Perhaps we should wait for the official announcement before us optimum users celebrate?

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4 thoughts on “A few Random Thoughts [June 11th Edition]”

  1. The Chamber’s MapToons is great! So nice to see this organization finally stepping up with good publicity for Long Beach.

    And welcome Carvel and good luck to the new businessmen who have invested their own hard earned cash in Long Beach. But we’ll miss that tiny little strange building. Anyone else recall when it was the world’s smallest a dental lab?

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