RUMOR ALERT: Tuscan/Coastal Grill and Duke will soon be (Read the article to find out!)

I love rumors. Adding to what I posted the other day regarding the former-Tuscan and Duke locations, a reliable person, who has been right before is telling me how an Asian Fusion-style restaurant will be taking over the space formally known as Duke Falcons. The vacant-Tuscan Grill will become what I’m assuming is an Italian-style restaurant based on the name I was told. Coincidently, the name is the same as a home Improvement business on Austin Blvd in Island Park. Of course only time will tell, but I trust the guy who told me this.

Looking at the photo above you can see the old Coastal Grill sign peaking through. It reminds me how much better that place was than Tuscan. The sign itself was so nice and very beachy compared to the ugly, dirty colored-generic Tuscan sign. Wow, beige with red lettering, never seen that before…… I just felt thatTuscan Grill was so generic with no real identity. Coastal Grill reminded me that I lived near the beach, plus they had an interesting menu that was different than other places in town.

Yes I am being harsh, but it’s my opinion. I just want better around here. Why doesn’t anybody try to open up a place like that anymore? We have a ton of great Pizza, a lot of burgers and now a lot of Asian food. It’s kinda crazy how these same types of places keep opening up. To me  it seems like an insane business model: let’s open up a food place near other places with similar food. That’s like opening up an Ice Cream shop next to Marvel. IT’S CRAZY!! Oh wait, that actually just happened… opps!

In any event, I welcome any new businesses opening in Long Beach,  so I’ll definitely try whatever pops up in those two locations. I hope their food is wonderful and hope they flourish here.

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14 thoughts on “RUMOR ALERT: Tuscan/Coastal Grill and Duke will soon be (Read the article to find out!)”

  1. How about an Indian restaurant. One has to travel quite a distance to eat chicken tikka masala. Even a small Indian restaurant would do well in Long Beach.

  2. Honestly, a Chipotle would be fantastic. It’s a much better alternative to the other fast food in Long Beach and their food comes from good place. In LB or the new King Kullen Plaza would be so nice. We already have so many restaurants that are not keeping their seats filled.

  3. A nice restaurant like the old Italian place that was delicious and not a loud bar scene. Serrata is gone. No original non burger places left.

  4. Heartily agree with Tracey, Dianna and Mike. We NEED an Indian restaurant in Long Beach. I know it would be frequented often.

  5. Wait, what? Really? Details please.

    That was the one thing I really loved in small town wedding I went to in Vermont. All the locally grown/raised food in all of the resteraunts. Plus local beers.

  6. Coastal had that amazing stuffed portabello mushroom appetizer, ugh that was great. I think Villagio is the only Italian place needed around here.

  7. Any details?

    Something fresh and different is really needed in LB. Everything is the same! We need someting along the lines of Earls Beer and Cheese and The Cannibal from the city. Simple food and great beer selections! LB needs variety!!!

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