NY.Eater.com: Ryan Sutton’s Guide to Long Beach Dining, 2014

Check out this blog post from NY.Eater.com on Long Beach dining: Ryan Sutton’s Guide to Long Beach Dining, 2014.  Ryan’s article is honest and informative, especially for those who are thinking of visiting our sea by the city and have no clue where to eat. Of course it’s just this guy’s opinion and some good places are missing, but Ryan does a great job showcasing what Long Beach has to offer food-wise. Yes, we like to complain about overall quality and diversity, but we do have some great food around here, let’s not forget that.  Although, not everything is perfect, as Ryan writes:

And like elsewhere in Long Island, you’ll be more likely to encounter wasabi-crusted tuna or soy-glazed salmon than locally caught bluefish, striped bass, or fluke. So be it.


Fresh & locally caught fish aside, Ryan’s list includes local favorites, such as: 

  • Swingbelly’s (brisket & pulled pork are awesome here, btw)
  • Corazon de Cuba
  • Beach Bagel
  • Ra Kang
  • Sugo
  • Marvel (there is a Marvel/ Carvel backstory which might have been told somewhere on this blog before.)
  • Pizza – Ginos, West End Pizza (Sorrento’s should be here too).
  • Dough Hut
  • Jordan Lobster Farms

Hey, its not so bad down here. I love pretty much all of these places. Missing from the list I would add Currywurst, which has expanded their menu since opening. Brixx & Barley, while loud, does have some pretty kick-ass food as well. [ny.eater.com]

(Thank you Adam for sending in the article]

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