Reader Question: What’s the Traffic Tracker on the corner of LB RD and Park? (updated with photos)

Reader Question:

Hi Anthony, I thought you might be interested in finding out about something I just noticed at Long Beach Rd and Park. At the traffic signal support pole on the dry cleaning store’s corner (SW) there is an unusual device attached with what looks like a camera that is labelled (and I hope I remember this correctly) “traffic tracker”. It is monitoring something. I know you like getting to the bottom of such things on your blog.

I love getting to the bottom of such things on my blog, but I have no idea what it is. I am assuming it tracks how many cars drive through the area. Perhaps for a traffic study? No cameras are present in that area that I know of, so it can’t be a Red Light Camera.

Can anybody out there tell us what this ‘traffic tracker’ is?

 (Thank you Barbara for the images!)10514916_10152538466399626_2054251158_n 10508338_10152538466404626_958210106_n

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4 thoughts on “Reader Question: What’s the Traffic Tracker on the corner of LB RD and Park? (updated with photos)”

  1. Nassau County has employed a contractor to do a traffic study on Park Avenue. What you see is indeed a temporary camera set up by the engineer doing the study. There is also one on Riverside Boulevard and perhaps some other corners. The camera records all traffic operating through the intersection along with the time and date.

    Studies such as these are used to determine traffic light synchronization, the construction of new signals and turn arrows and things like that.

    I’m sure Nassau County can provide more information. Park Avenue is a County road and the signals on Park belong to the county.

  2. Thanks Eddie. We could use some help with the traffic lights. Especially by Maple Ave and Blackheath on Park/Lido. Traffic backs up at 4pm every day because the two lights aren’t synchronized properly.

  3. Those lights were de-synchronized on purpose after that fellow was killed by the Corvette along Park St there. The thinking is that by disrupting the free flow of traffic, people will go “slower” if they get backed up at those lights. Of course in reality what happens is, frustrated drivers build up at the Maple light, and when it turns green they go like hell to make the next light at Pacific. Just wait until that speed camera goes in by the high school in the 20MPH zone. That 20MPH speed limit has zero compliance, that speed camera is going to ticket every single long beach resident driving to and from work past there, on a daily basis. But as long as the money rolls in and the people feel “safe”, its all good.

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