SNCH: A Letter To Our Long Beach Neigbors

A reader named Michael sent in the below-embedded South Nassau Community Hospital (SNCH) letter along with this comment, which pretty much sums the whole thing up:

It sounds to me like they are already laying the groundwork for all the reasons why they can’t do anything more than an Urgent Care Center and after months of evaluation we will be told there is not enough money under a “financially viable stewardship plan that supports the fiduciary responsibility of South Nassau” to do more and that Long Beach’s health care needs are sufficiently met. They will set up a 911 Receiving Center which will of course do little except justify sending people in need of care to Oceanside.

I cannot agree more. The SNCH letter reads as if they are giving us a 911/police receiving doc-in-a-box. What do you folks think?

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One thought on “SNCH: A Letter To Our Long Beach Neigbors”

  1. In light of the fact that the determination that LBMC should not reopen due to lack of financial feasibility was made by the former head of NYSDOH, who has since been shown to have accepted “gifts” for making certain findings (which is why he is the former head of NYSDOH)
    I question why the Blue Ribbon report from the previous administration has never been referenced. That report stated a hospital is necessary here and made recommendations for reconfiguring the hospital, cutting beds and offering additional services, etc.

    Gov. Cuomo was all about bringing Long Beach back, better and stronger, when the cameras were on him. He also has presidential aspirations. I believe it is time to hold him to his promises.

    That whole SNCH letter did nothing to bolster my confidence in their interest in doing what is best for Long Beach, and still makes me feel they are scamming us, FEMA, and NYS.

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