Boardwalk Billboards: Tacky By The Sea

10460116_10201138531464845_8140417642405443809_nHoly crap, really? This is terrible!!! This is quite possible the tackiest thing Long Beach has ever done. Bravo, City of Long Beach. We have officially Jumped the Shark.

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 11.51.21 AMThe crazy thing is, I’m hearing how the city is a little uncomfortable about these ‘SLOW DOWN’ signs people are putting up, but advertisements getting shoved into our faces every corner we turn is ok? I sometimes questions where the hell I am living….


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28 thoughts on “Boardwalk Billboards: Tacky By The Sea”

  1. Boo-urns!! Very disappointing.

    I find those ‘SLOW DOWN’ signs funny. It just addresses speeding parents.
    Follow up sign:
    “Single? Married but no kids? Well alright, just slow down then OK?”

  2. You elected them.

    They sold your town to 20-story apartments. They clear cut 1400 eighty-year old trees for a couple of bucks from the Feds.

    And you are surprised they are selling space on the boardwalk for ads?

    Maybe now you’ll wake up and vote?

  3. Any ‘ole Long Beach resident: “Ow! I just stubbed my toe on the table in the hallway! Hate when that happens…”

    Eddie/Christina ilk: “Well, are you really that surprised? Look who you voted into office…”

  4. I’ll try to be fair. The City’s debt is three times higher than it ever was in history. This Council has launched a spending spree, and indebted us to the tune of $108 million, while crying that they “inherited” a $6 million debt.

    To help pay for all this and to keep their bond rating from tanking, they are at least trying to raise some revenue. Yea, the billboards are an assault to our senses. And we can all see better ways of funding their hiring of relatives. How about getting something from Cablevision for their Boardwalk Wifi? How about selling the Superblock instead of giving it away?

    We all have opinions. I thought they should repair the old boardwalk. They went out on a limb, rolled the dice and got the Feds to pay for a new ipe one. Good for them and for us. It’s beautiful. Executed beautifully.

    I love an unspoiled, non-commercialized beach. I don’t like ads on the Boardwalk. But if I had to choose between ads and another year of 16% tax increases, I’ll tolerate the eyesore.

    Wouldn’t it be a better plan to just cut spending? Maybe Judge Tepper’s kid wasn’t worth a $20,000 raise. Maybe we don’t need three new assistant managers. Maybe we can hire a qualified Comptroller instead of a hack and three assistants.

    Please, stop selling the soul of Long Beach. Some things shouldn’t be for sale.

  5. If the City makes money from them, I am all for it. The City makes little money on tourism – they promote it, the resident taxpayers suffer the woes from it in the forms of congestion, litter, parking, crime. The business owners and bars make big $$$s from tourism, and the property taxpayers get the bill.

  6. Not to mention the tacky frozen yogurt trailer in front of the Allegia, the two or three unsavory food trailers located on a couple of beaches and (at least as far as I’m concerned) the greasy, ugly food trucks on Edwards Blvd. All of which could have been tastefully done, decent ideas but instead were let out for a quick buck with no oversight, vision or standards. They just make the beach and boardwalk look ugly, low class and grubby.

  7. Here is a relatively simple way to deal with the issue. The advertisers on these atrocities signed up to get name recognition. Simply look at the advertisement and dial the number shown. Let the advertisers know that you do not appreciate them being a party to the “Route 17 – ization” of the Long Beach Boardwalk and as long as their company appears on these boards you will seriously consider spending your money at other establishments. I am certain if their marketing department gets a few of those calls they will quickly reconsider where they spend their ad dollars.

  8. Right on, Captain! But since people will still vote for the leaders who gave them the billboards, they’ll certainly patronize those who pollute our view. Have you noticed that the Masses are pretty stupid here?

  9. I’m no expert but the city does make money from tourism including beach entry fees, sales tax revenues when tourist money is spent in the city, and miscellaneous stuff like bus fares. Locals go home to eat and drink. Tourists more often stop in town and spend and thats where sales taxes are collected and jobs are created for locals.

  10. A minor point to this discussion perhaps, but sales tax does not go to the City of Long Beach. It goes to New York State (4%) and Nassau County (4.625%).

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