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  1. I only wish it could significantly fund the massive spending spree. It can’t. At best the revenue raised will cover a few patronage jobs. Taxpayers are still getting slammed in Long Beach, within 5 years property taxes and fees on a typical home will be $15K+ a year.

  2. To quote the wikipedians … citation needed.

    I’m what the overall trend is and what data this trend is based on.

    The most recent thing I heard is taxes went down and spending went down (mostly through reducing headcount and early retirement offers for more senior employees).

  3. Look at your tax bill. Oh yea, you rent. Well then look at your sanitation fees. Oh yea, your landlord pays them. Your water bill? Don’t pay that either.

    But Newsday told you taxes went down? You’re not so sharp, are you?

    Parking? You do drive, and the parking fees when from $10 to $50. Hmmmm.

  4. Brian read between the lines and look at all the bonding and other things these guys are doing. They are mortgaging our future. Come on, we need to have half our “do nothing” cops making over $150-200k. And what about our infustructure which is crumbling? The gop better hope they don’t win the next election or else they are going to have some mess to clean up. But if they do better learn from their mistakes and not be so honest cause all it got them was smeared by these creeps.

  5. That’s an argument I’m willing to buy but I’ll admit I don’t know enough to make a judgment call.

    But Little Sam’s argument that taxes are up just doesn’t make sense to me. Last I read (via Sea By the City, via the official LB site and via the LI Herald, sorry I don’t subscribe to Newsday) was the most recent 2014-2015 budget included a 1% tax cut for home owners (following a 1.5% tax increase for 2013-2014, which some claim, perhaps rightly was to pay down “inherited debt” or Sandy things or to buy out early retirements or to meet contractual requirements). So I don’t quite get the argument that taxes are going up when last I heard the property tax rate went down. That’s the reason for my “citation needed” request.

    If you’ve got more information about the bonds they’re floating, I’d like to read it, especially if it compares LB to other small incorporated municipalities.


    I’d rather have overpaid police officers who do nothing than the types of cops I hear about on the news all the time who end up super militarized (thanks to cheap federal hand-me-downs) and use SWAT teams to look for pot dealers and shoot dogs on leashes. If spending a bit more gives us a professional police department that’s more concerned with community relations in addition to safety, I’ll take it. Besides, politicians know it is career suicide to call cops overpaid.

  6. Brian i know a thing or two about how local governments work. They can reduce your taxes on the surface and take it up by 25% in a host of other ways. Always follow the money!

    As for the cops, as you get older you will see what me and many others in town are talking about. Just look back to what Giuliani did in the 90’s. NY was turning into a shit hole till he steped it up. And that’s what you need here in LB. I know you will disagree but it’s the truth.

  7. Look at anyone’s tax bill, Brian. My cite is my bills. Long Beach City tax up 16% last year. Up 16% the year before that. This year it’s down 1% but huge increases in sanitation fees (also on the tax bill), water charges and a new $100/year sewer “insurance” tax more than eat up that 1% cut.

    I strongly agree with your assessment of the LBPD. I think they are generally good guys that haven’t bought into the militarization thing. Like most City departments, I believe they are financially mismanaged. The fact that they are among the highest paid with the highest budgeted cost per uniformed officer in the US (short of the Port Authority and the MTA) proves this.

    We have a financial apocalypse here. Taxes and spending are soaring. Kids can’t afford rents and home ownership is not attainable for many young families. Our bonded debt has risen 2000% in the past three years. It’s not sustainable. Spending cuts are the only solution.

    Need for improvement? Finances. That’s it. Otherwise, we love Long Beach.

    But ads on the boardwalk and FEMA tree bounty bucks ain’t the answer.

  8. Your rent goes up. Every homeowner’s property taxes go up $400 but you believe they are all lying. Newsday even said taxes went down. They love people like you. Anyone ever call you a Tool? Get your head out of the sand. You can’t possibly be that ignorant.

  9. As stated by Eddie you need to follow the money. They just are reducing taxes and adding fees so in the end the city takes more of my money. Part of taxes was going down was the removed to surcharge that was supposed to pay down the debt but then issued bonds to cover the unpaid portion of that debt. It is all political theatre so they can say they are cutting taxes but they have mortgaged the future of the city and it is unsustainable. As far as the PD is concerned they are some of the highest paid but crime is going up. How about we get some more for our money The boardwalk at night is a disaster, how many shootings have happened right outside the PD HQ? Cars and homes being broken onto regularly, zero traffic enforcement and lets not even talk about the quality of life stuff like wandering drunks all night long pissing and puking all over the west end

  10. I don’t know – I think these comment sections are part of the reason the real estate market in LB is not on the up and up. Not the entire reason, but definitely part of it.

    Year after year, the comment section here and on the patch make the forecast of LBs future more grim, and it never really arrives. But I think anyone who’s interested in moving to LB reads these blogs, and then says screw it…

  11. Right Tom. It’s our comments here. Wouldn’t have anything to do with a 32% tax increase, four shootings or $108 million in new debt.

    I won’t tell anyone about these if you don’t.

  12. Sure it wouldn’t be the Long Beach Water Tower hangig on its last leg right up to the end of its life cycle.
    Wake up! This is MORE crucial than a hospital. Clean drinking water, but all you’re proving to locals and out of towners is that you’re only willing to stand up against some revenue raising signs, and parking fees.

  13. Awna, the present city council discontinued the “good and welfare” portion of Council meetings as soon as they were elected, so we can’t voice anything at any meeting.

  14. And that exactly is one of the problems in Long Beach. The City should tax rent directly, then maybe some of these renters would wake up.

  15. But hey, we have food trucks and all kinds of festivals and fairs. And a candlelight ceremony every year on the Sandy anniversary. Renters aren’t going to worry about a financial apocalypse, they have no skin in the game.

  16. Ok calling all landlords… add language to your leases that says something to the effect of, “annual rental increases will be indexed to local tax and fee increases.” I am putting this in, so my tenants will feel the burden of taxes and when I raise their rent due to local tax/fee increases, they can go to the city council and school board to complain.

  17. So you’re adding, “your rent will reflect what it costs me to make renting this, cost feasible.” Were you not increasing the rent indexed with taxes and fees?

  18. Landlords pay it, but don’t they use the rent to pay it? It’s not like renters aren’t paying the fees and taxes. They’re just using a middleman.

  19. it would be great if rent was taxed directly – then renters would have something to write off on their taxes instead of the vacant owners.

  20. Spoiler alert: they either will just pay it or move. They will not go to the city council and school board to complain. Hope you do.

  21. A smart landlord shows his tenants the tax increase with their rent increase letter. He includes a list of officials who voted to raise the taxes and reminds them of Election Day.

    Here’s a thought: One of the virtues of being a small City is that cities in New York have the authority to tax income. Wouldn’t it be an interesting alternative to sky-high rents and property taxes if Long Beach instituted and income tax?

    In true regressive socialist fashion the rich could pay for the poor. But kids would be able to afford apartments and maybe even houses again. And all those greedy wealth producers would be driven out of town.

  22. I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic…but rents in Long Beach are hardly sky-high, and city income tax hasn’t made housing more affordable in the 5 boroughs.

  23. Also, I don’t know how many “greedy wealth producers” make up LB – that being said, it hasn’t exactly chased the wealth out of NYC, but that’s because there’s a cap on how much income is sbject to the city income tax; so it disproportionately effects those who make less.

  24. The rents in my building went up between 4%-8% this year. We also pay separately for sanitation and water. Parking is $100/month per car ($1200/year!) That is on top of the rent. And there is nothing to write off. I wish renters didn’t get blamed for everything in this town. I’m the same person/citizen who owned a home for 30 plus years! (Thanks. Needed to “vent!”)

  25. Amanda, it is you who need to get your head out of the sand or are you the “tool” for the local Democraps? Did you look at your tax bill today? Yep it went up and not down! and how about all those fees that went up and not down. Newsday is a Dolan rag that is in the tank for the NC Dems, hence why Dolan hired Suozzi when he got swept out of the NC legislature.

  26. You can voice, they just don’t reply. I think I preferred getting yelled at by the Coalition at least I knew they were listening.

  27. The water column is a twin of the Jones Beach tank but without its brick enclosure. It was built in 1931 by the same company and is just about falling down. The base is rotted out. A big problem indeed.

    But since the Democrats fired the only engineer on staff to replace with a $160,000 inexperienced Brookhaven hack, nobody will notice until they turn on the water and it don’t work.

    Oh yea, they’ll be some flooding too when it falls.

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