Cablevision Offers WiFi for Long Beach Boardwalk [Press Release]

BETHPAGE, N.Y. — Cablevision Systems Corp. today announced that it has launched Optimum WiFi, which provides free wireless internet access to Optimum Online customers, on the boardwalk in Long Beach, NY. The deployment consists of nearly 60 newly installed hotspots along the 2.2-mile oceanfront boardwalk, allowing Optimum Online customers to take their mobile devices with them and stay connected to fast, reliable WiFi while enjoying the boardwalk – whether they’re streaming music while taking a stroll, posting images of the beach on social media, or catching up on some of their favorite TV shows while resting on one of the many famed boardwalk benches.

The Long Beach Boardwalk, which was rebuilt after experiencing severe damage during Superstorm Sandy, fully reopened late last year and is once again a major attraction for Long Beach residents as well as visitors from all over the tri-state area. With the deployment of WiFi on the boardwalk, there are now more than 350 Optimum WiFi hotspots available throughout the City of Long Beach.

“Cablevision and the City of Long Beach have enjoyed a great partnership for many years, and we are pleased to extend our WiFi coverage to one of the most beloved spots in the City, the Long Beach Boardwalk,” said Kevin Packingham, Cablevision’s executive vice president of product management. “Long Beach is a community that loves to be outside, and installing WiFi on the boardwalk is just another example of how we are committed to providing wireless internet access in the areas that matter most to residents. Now, customers can get even more out of their Optimum Online service by connecting to free, reliable WiFi just a few steps from the ocean.”

Cablevision Systems Corp. (NYSE: CVC)

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5 thoughts on “Cablevision Offers WiFi for Long Beach Boardwalk [Press Release]”

  1. We, the residents gave Cablevision a facility worth millions and our City Council just gave it away without a penny for us, the taxpayers of this bankrupt City.

  2. The complaints are misguided. Cablevision makes no additional money from offering their existing customers WiFi in Long Beach – so why should they pay the City a usage fee? The smart thing to have done, would have been to negotiate a deal with Cablevision to offer a “day pass” WiFi to anyone who wanted to purchase it, even if they weren’t a cablevision subscriber, sold in tandem with the beach pass, with the City and Cablevision splitting the fee.

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