8 thoughts on “Photo of the day: Boardwalk Safety”

  1. Are there rules regarding bicyclists? I see a few wanna be lance Armstrongs that get pissed when they can’t hit mach 2 on a Sunday afternoon. I think bicyclists have to realize that tourists aren’t dicks, they just don’t know the rules. Slow down and enjoy the view. By the way,I ride my bike every day.

  2. Ditto that CO. Me to, serious rider. But I know a boardWALK is a walk. When I want to fly, it can only be when the boards are empty ( I realize that I need to be hyper aware and ready with the brake). The only proper place to ride fast is in the road. Road not sidewalks. I realize some bikers find our streets dangerous but that doesn’t give them the right to scare and endanger their neighbors walking on the sideWALKS.

  3. I’m not defending people misusing the boardwalk or putting others at risk, but I’ll comment as a cyclist and triathlete…

    This is a busy time of year for triathlon season – July leads up to Ironman lake placid which is one of the biggest races in the northeast and a bucket list race for a lot of triathlon peeps. Just to give you an idea, it took me about 600 hours of training over 6 months to be ready for it – and there are people that do even more.

    It’s a big deal.

    Training in LB in leaves a lot to be desired; the roads are just rough. Pedestrians are everywhere. Motorists are everywhere and are high strung looking for parking. There’s cars parked on both sides of the street.

    But obviously, No one is owed ideal training conditions – so take your bike elsewhere. Oh, wait – it’s summer. It’s long beach. And if you move your car on the weekend, you’re effed.

    That being said, no one has the right to hit 20-30 mph on a crowded boardwalk.

  4. Woah. I JUST told my my boyfriend if they aren’t going to paint mark the boards for each lane that they should post signs. Decided to see what’s new here today and viola: signs! Nicely done–though I didn’t see these anywhere Sunday. I feel these signs should be large and posted at all the ramps.

  5. We need to have signs painted on the bike lane like the pre Sandy boardwalk. People don’t look up at signs. Many who walk on the boardwalk are visitors and aren’t aware that it’s a bike lane. I’ve seen parents with kids carriages walking smack in the bike lane clueless. It’s dangerous.

    Also I would like to say I agree with one of the comments re: speed bikers who think they are in the tour de france. Slow down idiots!

    Lastly pleasseeeeee can we have the street signs back up on the boardwalk!

  6. The problem with striping is that the oily ipe wood doesn’t take paint well. Paint lines on it and they’ll probably peel up or flake off.

    Maybe we can spend a million bucks replacing the longitudinal edge boards on the bike lane with red or yellow plastic, like the LIRR uses on its platform edges.

    Or perhaps hire some other hack’s kid to create a PR campaign to notify cyclists of the laws.

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