Miniature Golf is coming [Barefoot MiniGolf to open next week!]

minigolflocationMiniature golf is coming to a superblock near you! Barefoot Minigolf is the name. This 18 hole course will be located at the corner of the boardwalk and Riverside Blvd right next to shoregasboard food trucks.

The organizers are a couple of local families who are determined to bring more family entertainment to Long Beach. With the help of the city and iStar, their dream will become a reality as early as next week. The goal is to officially open on Thursday,  July 17th.

So far the course will feature an 8ft lighthouse and a loop-de-loop. Other hazards/obstacles will be added as the weeks goes by. The organizers want the course to reflect a nautical beach theme. Set in sand, no shoes are required! Also on location will be picnic tables for parties. Hours and price to be determined, but they will open early once a week for special needs groups to play at no charge.

The organizers have some amazing plans for the future, which I cannot wait to share with you all. This is just a sneak peak, so stay tuned!

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15 thoughts on “Miniature Golf is coming [Barefoot MiniGolf to open next week!]”

  1. I’m very excited. Finally a sport that even I can play!

    The Theater: I’m having a hard time getting more info than what I said 2 weeks ago (same old theater and will open soon). Superblock – last I heard “lots of work to build those two towers” that’s about it.

    Also, this article has been somewhat updated. It’s not so easy to write and proofread while my little baby is hitting the keyboard, so sorry for all errors 🙂

  2. The Superblock developer, iStar is seeking to vend the plans and approvals to a third party. They have already approached several huge Real Estate Investment Trusts with proposals to sell the package to them.

  3. Miniature golf is great! In a week?

    The City just give iStar a variance for high-density residential on that site. Probably the most controversial variance of the decade.

    Someone tell me how the land can legally be used for recreational/commercial without invalidating the former variance. That’s what happens under the law.

    What ever happened to laws?

    Maybe I’ll start selling used tires in my driveway.

  4. this is so exciting. my boyfriend and i were looking for a cute place to go minigulfing lastnight and we did indeed but no where near a beach!! and to add long beach boardwalk was our first kiss so a minigulf addition to add for a fun day will be great! really excitied to take a ride out from Roslyn to try this out! congrats!

  5. I don’t think it’s a good idea the sand will be very hot to play in
    barefooted………Too bad you are unable to put grass down instead.
    Just my thoughts years ago they had a mini gold course between
    National & Edwards it was WONDERFUL………………

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