16 thoughts on “For you non-believers: mini golf”

  1. I just saw it Sunday, and all I can say is that it looked Terrible, really was that the best that they could do?
    They should be ashshsmed of themselves it looked as if it took. 5 minutes to build. My God it was really lame.

  2. with all due respect, and at the risk of coming across like a jerk, this was organized by some local families looking to brings some additional family friendly activities to our fair city. as modest as it might be, I’d venture to guess that it’s still likely to prove a much greater asset to our community than anything you, or most others, have ever contributed.

  3. You all know it’s for only 1-2 years until Istar builds on the land so for 2 year investment you’re not getting epic mini-golf

  4. Well said, John. The organizers have worked extremely hard to bring mini golf to LB. They are merely just residents with amazing. intentions. I haven’t been to the site since Saturday, but they plan on adding a 8′ lighthouse, loop-de-loop and other stuff as they go along. Give it time to set up! Don’t judge it as it’s not even fully constructed yet! Geez, you people have no patience!

    And if this is successful, which I am sure it will be, I am sure they will be able to find room for it after the iStar project is built (if it ever gets built…)

  5. seriously? anything is better than then vacant patch of dirt that I’ve been starting at for the 5 years I’ve lived here.

  6. LB Said You all know it’s for only 1-2 years until Istar builds on the land so for 2 year investment you’re not getting epic mini-golf.

    True, so either do it somewhere else or don’t do it, but this is a joke!

  7. looking less so every day. check the link below.

    that said, i’ll pose the same question to you as i did the commenter above. what is it that you’ve done for our community, Johnny B Good, that you can belittle and cast aspersions on what others are doing to make our community better? my guess is nothing and that you’ll slink away in a similar manner as the other commenter.


  8. I’m trying not to feed the troll, but…

    It’s not the Disney World of mini-golf, but it actually looks great on its own before it’s even finished, but the fact that it’s replaced a patch of weathered sand should make it even more welcomed. Little kids are absolutely going to love it older people, not so much – you’ll just have to find somewhere else to take your 12 pack of Natty Lights.

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