Stop, In the Name of Love. Before You Break My Heart, Neck and legs. [Caution: Profanity Up Ahead]

imagesI would like to apologize for the profanity that I displayed on this blog the other night regarding a taxi driver incident that I encountered. It was inappropriate of me to publish the F word without warning. I deleted the post right away, but those who subscribe to the blog saw it. Sorry about that, folks.

[WARNING] I am now going to use profanity, so don’t read on if you don’t want to see it. [WARNING]

It was Saturday night around 10:45pm. Obviously it was dark and lots of people were out walking home from The Wizard of Oz at Neptune Beach. This taxi driver sped right though the stop sign at E. Beech Street. I’m a concerned citizen who is deeply worried about safety in this town. The last thing I want is to see another accident. “Stop at the Stop Sign,” I yelled. “Go F*ck Yourself,” she yelled back. It was a Long Beach love story.

Well, whatever. A$$hole drivers. We have so many of them around here.

This all goes along with what I believe is a major and continuous problem around here. Stop & speed-limit signs don’t do anything because many don’t obey those laws. It’s all a complete waste of money. They might as well take all those signs and throw them away. This years April Fools joke was originally going to be how the city was going to replace all the stop signs with photos of boobies – as a way to get people to stop. The reality it, it just might work. But we can’t do that, can we?

If I had my way, I would put speed humps at every single stop sign location.  Force people to at least slow down, because the only way to get people to obey traffic laws is to hold their hands and guide them. With that, I send my apologizes to the taxi drier who speed through the stop sign. Perhaps if we held your hand, the stopping would have been a lot easier for you.

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25 thoughts on “Stop, In the Name of Love. Before You Break My Heart, Neck and legs. [Caution: Profanity Up Ahead]”

  1. As Anthony forewarned about his use of profanity, I will forewarn that most readers will disagree with most of what I am going to say. But if they did a little research they may just come to the conclusion that it does make sense.

    We have way TOO MANY stop signs in this town and all LB residents to some degree realize that and are familiar with our roads. Most people actually stop at that the stop signs on roads with a high volume of traffic or unusual conditions or they are unfamiliar with. When there are multi-way stop signs (of which most in LB are) pedestrians, bicyclists, and all road users expect the other road users to stop. That is why we have so many people running stops signs in LB. People think they are “Stoptional” signs, they roll slowly up to the stop sign, see no other traffic and go on through, since they know the other person has a stop sign as well. Studies have shown that overuse of STOP signs (IMHO:exactly what we have in LB) reduces their effectiveness and if installed where they are not justified, they are largely ignored by drivers (once again IMHO:exactly what we have in LB) .

    The fact that we have too many is another indication of the ineffective leadership our residents have been subjected to in the past. In another attempt to mollify the masses instead of actually solving a problem (sort of like wearing red for another issue) our elected officials chose to take the easy route and place stop signs on every corner to silence a few outspoken people who felt that this was the solution to our vehicle issues. True leadership would have known this was an ineffective policy but ours opted to give in to the few outspoken people rather than develop solutions to address the real issues.

    That being said I agree with Anthony that something needs to be done and that the taxi companies are some of the worst offenders. If the LBPD were to specifically target taxi drivers and stop signs for just 4 hours on one Friday evening word would spread among that population of drivers and their behavior would change in the 5th hour and beyond. In this day and age of social media I cannot think that if they placed a car on the side streets to catch speeders and stop signers word would spread like wild fire and people would begin to think twice

    We all see that they appear to target Park Ave for speeders, I wonder if that has to due with their ROI. I believe (can anyone confirm this) if a person is caught speeding greater than 15 MPH above speed limit the fine is double if they are between 0-15MPH, perhaps the city is more concerned with getting the double the fine (more easily done on Park Ave) than actually catching the 0-15 speeders more common on the side streets.

  2. While we’re talking about the lack of respect of our traffic laws, what about the nonstop illegal turns on Broadway? On a normal day I see easily 10+ cars an hour make that turn through the red light in front of my house. We need a more narrow intersection so people can safely cross the street.

  3. Wait a second. I’m captain obvious. I know that copying is the greatest form of flattery. But I’m captain obvious. Besides, you’re comment isn’t obvious. It’s actually counter intuitive. You should be captain counter intuitive. There, your welcome Besides, half the stop signs should become yield signs. it’s good for the environment

  4. Captain Obvious, I am not going to disagree, it’s definitely frustrating to drive around with so many stop signs and traffic lights, but all those stop signs are mainly in residential areas which are supposed to be for local traffic, not traveling across town.

    Park and Shore Road are supposed to be for the high traffic, but the light sequencing is so off that it makes darn frustrating and forces people to take the parallel roads.

    It looks like the city, nassau or somebody is looking into light sequencing with those traffic trackers. let’s hope it helps

  5. I have frequently criticized the LBPD for the extreme paucity of traffic enforcement. In fact, I used to hector the man in charge , our current commissioner about speeding.
    I know that our PD is often Involved in serious situations well beyond people rolling through stop sgns.
    Just the other morning I was at the 7-11 on Long Beach Blvd and overheard two men discussing the multiple gunshots fired the night before in , in their words, “the projects”.
    One had a bullet pass through his car.
    They said it was like “The Ok Corral”. The Nassau PD Crime Scene Unit responded.
    I asked why the people living there didn’t demand that something be done. Why weren’t the perpetrators confronted? Because, he replied , the people are afraid. Afraid? Here in Long Beach? The City By The Sea?
    I think it’s outrageous that our fellow residents are living in these conditions. Why havnt I seen any news reports of these most recent events? Is there a coverup? Or is it becoming so commonplace that it’s not deemed to be newsworthy?
    So I do understand that at times the LBPD has it’s hands full .
    But I also understand that this spirit of lawlessness is pervasive in our fair city.
    Complaints about speeding, disregard for traffic signs etc fall on deaf ears. Only when someone gets killed by a reckless driver is there an outcry.
    Yes lets put a traffic light mid block at the stores in the East End. Yes lets implement stricter traffic enforcement.
    Then, after a short interval, things return to the normal wide open free for all driving of before.
    Only a few weeks back a police officer was severely injured when a car disregarded the “WAIT FOR GREEN LIGHT” sign on Broadway. These signs are small, non illuminated and not easy to see so it’s easy to understand why a non resident may not even see it. Others who do see them disregard them anyway.
    So why can’t we have large easily visible signs placed there? Why can’t we implement enforcement of traffic regulations?
    Why you say? Because TILB. That’s why.
    A former member of The City Council told me he was the only member who ever showed up anywhere other than the monthly meetings and photo ops.
    LB has a reputation of non enforcement of traffic laws and regulations and there is no one in power who has the will to do anything about it.
    So Anthony the lady taxi driver who suggested you do the physically impossible was only speaking for the entrenched , inept, selfish, apathetic people in positions of power here.
    But at least, as far as I know, you’re not living with people firing guns at each other in your neighborhood. So be thankful for small things.
    Time for a third party.

  6. I witnessed this while walking to my car after the movie! It happened exactly how Anthony said. I wish I knew that was you. I’ve been following your blog for over four years now!

  7. Way way too many stop signs and way too little enforcement!! And better sequencing is a must. I agree with all of you 🙂 P.S. Anthony- you make me smile sometimes…

  8. Here’s another great location where its is absolutely ignored. The stop signs at Broadway and New York Avenue might as well not even be there. Almost no one comes to a full a stop and most people barely slow down. Lets add to that the “No Thru Traffic” zones on the narrow blocks in the WE that are ignored by everyone trying to beat the lights on Beech, especially the taxis that then speed down the narrow blocks with no regard for children playing, or others on the street.

    This could be a source of revenue for the city too, at least in the short term. If they actually enforced the rules and wrote tickets people would start following the rules.

  9. Taxi cabs should have to follow commercial traffic laws. No thru traffic except local delivery. Taxis should use Park and not fly down streets like Olive Walnut etc…

  10. You said it Anthony. The assanine light sequencing “forces me” (please notice the quotes) to drive on the parallel roads. I live in the west end and driving down Olive or W. Chester, while stopping at all stop signs and yielding to pedestrians, is faster than taking Park. Broadway isn’t even an option.

  11. All the “do gooder” resident activists we have in Long Beach are turning the City into the traffic gauntlet. Lower speed limits on Lido Blvd, 20 MPH in the school zone is insane on a 3 lane road – that 20MPH limit has 0% compliance, so they are going to put a speed camera there that will light up every resident of Long Beach who uses Lido Blvd to get back and forth to work. The lights re-timed on Park between Maple and Blackheath Rd. cause daily traffic jams. On Long Beach Road, a series of red light cameras, and soon the southbound direction will be cut to 2 lanes. In Long Beach itself, 4 way stops were installed everywhere in the City a few years ago, adding to congestion and noise in residential areas as cars must stop and accelerate away at were once free flowing intersections where 4 way stops were only installed as needed due to line of sight issues. And now the same “do gooders” want lower speed limits all over Long Beach. All in the name of “safety” – in the meantime the roads are falling apart and no one seems to be concerned about safety issues related to that. And the roads aren’t getting any safer, it’s the free flow of traffic the creates safe streets, not stop and go crawling followed by stoplight to stoplight drag races – frustrated drivers are dangerous drivers.

  12. @sam” it’s the free flow of traffic the creates safe streets, not stop and go crawling followed by stoplight to stoplight drag races – frustrated drivers are dangerous drivers.”

    I agree with you Sam 100% with that statement. I hope the light re-timing on Park between Maple and Blackheath is not permanent, because it’s awful and needs to be fixed. There is a way to have the traffic flow better where everybody goes a decent and safe speed that prevents frustrated drivers, at the same time is safe for those outside of vehicles.

  13. Some years back I complained to an influential individual about the uncoordinated traffic lights and was told they were like that so as to slow everyone down.
    I replied that all it accomplished was people racing to beat the next light but my words fell on deaf ears.
    TILB. Nothing will change.

  14. Honestly, you can’t be shocked when people make those turns. Expecting people to wait at 2 lights to make a turn is just BEGGING them to ignore at least one of the lights. Human nature, just like putting a stop sign on every corner frustrates people to the point where they start to run them.

    It doesn’t make it right, but that’s how it is.

  15. The absolute WORST light tandem is heading West after work and getting caught in that Blackheath Road-Maple Boulevard trap. The lights are horrrrrrribly off sequence and it causes a major pile up.

    Basically, when the light is green on Blackheath, Maple is red. When Maple turns green, Blackheath turns red. This means only the amount of cars that can fit between the two closely situated lights can proceed per light sequence.

    Utterly inane. A high school kid could see this is stupid.

  16. Excellent reply, wish I saw it before I commented on the Maple-Blackheath disaster.

    Seems like most of the aforementioned “do gooder” residents are people who seem to believe that this entire town is a pedestrian and bicyclist paradise and that traffic laws do not apply to them as well.

    psst, they do

  17. It’s interesting that everybody seems to talk about the specifics of the speed limits, stop signs, their placement, etc. but there’s not much talk about the primary underlying issue which actually causes the accidents – distracted driving, or unattentive driving.

    I wouldn’t care too much if the people rolling through the stop signs were actually looking at where they were going, looking for pedestrians, and making informed driving decisions based on circumstances. They are not. They are not looking at anything outside of their vehicles. They are looking at their phones, or simply not paying attention.

    Auto-pilot is not a successful driving method at any speed, and stop signs actually are more of an issue for auto-pilot driving because others are expecting a driver to stop.

    I expect nothing without making eye contact with a driver.

    I have no answer for the distracted driver issue other than really heavy enforcement.

    As far as those who are oblivious to the fact that this is a city filled with pedestrians, bike riders, skate boarders and riders of other unique modes of transit, there needs to be a strong education effort on the part of the city.

    I’m surprised there are not fatalities on a daily basis with the number of people we watch drive through the stop sign nearby our house without even so much as slowing down. And the vast majority of those people are not even looking at their surroundings, many looking down at their laps.

    It’s gotta stop. It will cost lives and limbs. It will be yours or mine or somebody we know. The stop signs are invisible to these so-called drivers.

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