(A Minor) Long Beach Cinemas Update [Don’t get too excited, yet.]

Exactly a month ago I posted an update on Long Beach Cinemas, with the promise of bringing you more news soon. Well, just like the theater with their March teaser-LOOK 4 GRAND RE OPENING sign, I got a little delayed, until now. This morning I finally got an update (PRAISE THE LORD!), albeit a minor one (god dammit!).

I am now hearing that the Long Beach Cinemas Grand Re-Opening holdup is due to “equipment order delivery delay.” This morning I took a peak inside the theater, saw some folks and tried to get as much additional info as I could.

  • Equipment Delay? Yes.
  • Any changes to the theater? New seats.
  • I told one gentlemen (who looked important) how many of us residents are hoping for some independent films: He said, “We know. Right now we are just hoping to get open soon.”

So there you go, folks. Long Beach Cinemas is still allegedly opening. I don’t plan on dancing my pants off in celebration until I actually see the theater open with my own eyes. In the meantime, we have Jaws on the beach this Saturday night: Lafayette Beach @ 8pm. Be there or be shark chum.

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