NYSEA SURF WEEK Continues this weekend



The 5th Annual NY Surf Week brings together a surf contest, skate contest, art show, movie premiere and parties to celebrate the culture surrounding your city and seas!It’s challenging, but it’s always worth it. When most people think of NY they think of tall buildings, hell parties, and corporate suits. When we think of NY, we think of spitting sand barrels, jetty to jetty lefts and ice cream headaches from duck diving 8ft waves in 39 degree water temperatures. Surfing is such an outrageous and spiritual experience in itself, combining the culture and energy of one of the largest cities in the world, NEW YORK CITY and it’s surrounding landscape, creates for a special breed of individuals.

Those who bear the elements in the winter, and flat spells in the summer, seem to gain a special appreciation for surfing. That energy created between these two giants, city and sea, is essentially what bonds the surf culture together here in NY, and is what we call the NYSEA collective.

For the 5th year, this event is being dedicated to a revered fellow NY surfer, George “Geeza” Geiser. We will continuing the traditional Paddle out for Geeza on July 19th, 5:30pm, National Blvd Beach.

For overnight event accommodations please contact THE ALLEGRIA HOTEL to receive our SPECIAL SURF WEEK RATE.

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