3 thoughts on “1st Annual Strong Beach Battle of the Bands [Saturday, July 26th at the Long Beach Hotel]”

  1. It’s a good cause and a Joan Jett band member will do a good job. And since its teens – all the teens know Robbie Rosen. As long as it packs to capacity, the financial goal has been achieved. It would be great if you can organize a second musical event to raise $$. Thanks Randy!
    PS – if you know Steve Tyler, say hello for me.

  2. Hi Everyone! I’d love to hear your input! Being under the gun here in Long Beach NY and still in the throes of my own disaster recovery while putting this together, I’d say this is not a bad start for a grass roots non-profit. As far as the judges, the majority were selected because they work with teens in music education and performance, as well as being top notch performing musicians. Joseph Palancia (C.A.S.A.C), for example, has successfully been running a teen battle of the bands in an upstate NY high school for 12 years, is a successful musician with his own music group for 37 years, and is the 2013 #1 Drug & Alcohol Abuse/Teen Crisis Counselor in Orange County NY. 🙂

    I would LOVE to hear from Randy, if he can offer assistance for next year’s event! Thank You!!!!!

    Joanne J-Bird Phillips – Event Producer
    email: info@longbeachroxxny.com
    ph: 516-320-3026

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