82 thoughts on “Mobile billboards? The love of advertising in this city is out of control.”

  1. I think this is a great idea by a guy trying to start a business and make a buck. I;d hate to see dozens; but I’m okay with a few.

  2. Looking at the online version of the municipal code ( https://library.municode.com/showDocumentFrame.aspx?clientID=10434&jobId=&docID=10 ) there does seem to a prohibition against these signs (some could say they are “moving” signs, but there is no definition for that).

    Once again the best recourse if you are opposed is when you see something being advertised (hopefully not some [insert your own adjective here] face of a realtor) call the advertiser and let them know of your displeasure (or pleasure) at them using this medium to get their message out. If the advertisers get enough calls maybe they will realize this might not be the way they want to be “noticed or remembered”

  3. I don’t see anything wrong with this. I just think you people have nothing better to do than complain. Go out and enjoy life, there are more pressing things to worry about.

  4. We should be more concerned with swastikas flying in the, sky..and planes, being shot down. These, are all over the big cities in Europe and carribbean..I think it is a novel idea and we got it here.

  5. This guy deserves our support-he offered a free ride the other day to a senior citizen-m/be he go a tip but that is one less person walking the Boardwalkj who enjoyed his day a hell of a lot more-anyone against this guy reallly really needs to get a life……..

  6. For heavens sake, what will it be tomorrow? Do you not have the skills or imagination to come up with something news worthy? Lets turn the tables and question if opinions like this are appropriate and if the love of hateful opinions are out of control?????

  7. Really Who cares it’s a Billboard that is there one second and gone the next would you rather have a Giant One that is always there?i bet not This is america and This man as a right to His American Dream.. Don’t Like it Move I hear Siberia is nice.

  8. news worthy? This is a personal blog. If you don’t like what I write, don’t visit. I am not forcing you to read this, or shoving it in your face or posting my articles on a billboard all over town. I didn’t realize having an opinion of a billboard was inappropriate.

    It’s fine if you don’t agree with my opinion, but to say “Do you not have the skills or imagination to come up with something news worthy?” is ridiculous. What do you think this is? A f**king puppet show? Am I here for your sole amusement? I do this blog for free, it’s my opinion and I can write whatever the f*** I want. I can turn this blog into one about basket weaving if I want. If you don’t like it, get lost.

  9. These advertisements are how we keep local businesses going. I think it is great! I love shopping local and helping local communities. Some store are “out of the way”. When I see an ad, I am inclined to try a new place.

  10. Great idea. Anthony why don’t you concentrate on the real issues in LB. Shootings etc. the boardwalk is a mess at night…the roads are a mess, let’s gets some real issues on the table instead of complaining about enterprising people..
    I forgot we are living in a world where it’s not good to be successful
    Clean up waldbaums
    Clean up the boardwalk at night
    Repair the streets
    Pick up the trash.

  11. I know who owns this business and he’s a standup guy… Not some money hungry jerkoff trying to exploit the locals. The money is gong into the pocket of a local family. Lighten up bro… I’m all for chasing away kooks but this is someone making a living and a better life for his son. Better one of us than someone just passing through.

  12. I cannot believe people actually want to see more advertisements. All these comments baffle me. Must be friends and relatives of the guy who runs the company.

  13. listen folks, I am not against a person trying to make a buck. I actually like this idea more than stationary billboards on the boardwalk and LIRR station. My main point was: more advertisements? in a time where we are being bombarded with them.

    This is a personal blog that I write for free. No ads.What I write here is of my opinion. I also allow people to post their own articles too, if you would like to write an article on why this idea is so great, please do. send it to me. I will post it. I will even let the guy have his free advertising. i dont care. More power to him. But, that doesn’t mean that I have to like it myself.

    Tell us why this is a good idea, just don’t personally attack me for not liking it. Don’t personally attack my blog for not having real content. This is not cablevision-newsday. this is not once-AOL owned Patch. This is not LB Herald. This is Anthony who does this by himself. I read some of these comments and I think to myself “why the fuck do I even bother?” It makes me want to stop this blog more and more each day. None of you are posting real comments. Give me real comments. Not insults.

  14. Honestly, I am appalled that this is bothering people. It’s a really nice ORIGINAL idea for a business and will add fun and GREEN transportation to this South Shore area. I really think that the people who are complaining have nothing better to do with their time and should worry about more important things. I have known the guy who has this business for many years now, and he is a good, hard working individual and a great asset to his community.

  15. Well said! Don’t let a few overly opinionated, unhappy folk get to you Anthony. There are too many people that do nothing but criticize. Why can’t people just voice an opinion and allow others have theirs? I don’t always chime in but I do read your blog almost every day. Keep it going. Its honest and fun. And personally, I love living in LB. It’s a great place despite its challenges. It is what people make it and how they chose to live their lives. Overly critical of everything?, or peaceful and content with all the blessings we have? Choose one; but don’t be mean spirited about it. I’m done; have a wonderful day!~ 🙂

  16. Well said, we love your blog! Please keep doing what you are doing. As an outsider who eventually plans on moving to Long Beach, this site is the only place on the internet where I really get to feel the pulse of Long Beach. Great job, Anthony!

  17. I am speaking on behalf of RickaShoreTours. The incorporated company that you have in question. You are right, every bus stop, street sign and person dressed as a cockroach is advertising. Allow me to defend myself. My goal is to give as much publicity to the local restaurants and mom and pop shops for a reasonable price. Not like the trucks with billboards that you see that charge $4,000. LB needs to rebuild. A perfect example was the boardwalk. I pedal and I sweat for pennies to promote these businesses. I am a single dad who needs extra money to provide for my son. I think you should have a bigger problem with charging $3 for a bottle of water on the boardwalk during events such as the fireworks. Instead of doing that, I provided free rides to local seniors who are non-ambulatory so they can enjoy them too. What I doing is legal and reasonable in price. I would even promote your message after bashing my business. Not for as cheap of course lol but I respect your opinion, you are entitled to it. Instead of plastering my ad and seeking negative comments, you clearly have my number and I am more than willing to address any concern you may have. Call me anytime sir. Ps, you could not pay me enough to advertice a slanderous and offensive insignia or message such as the neo nazi swasticka that was flown over our beautiful beach. This idea is about more than money, it’s about REBUILDING and showing that our businesses are up and going. LB is back, and I am just a small business like many others rebuilding and sending that message. Enjoy your day Anthony. My name Jason.

  18. There is no reason to remove your blog. You have a right to your opinion. I also operate the ONLY Pedicab on the south shore and every guest I have ever had has raved about their experience. Try it one day. You will see. And if you are over 75 and have trouble walking or it’s too hot. All I ask for in return is a thank you

  19. Not too far back the Patch was a robust site that contained lots of invective and name calling , sometimes on important issues and sometimes on some very not important issues.
    But it was freewheeling and interesting.
    It has since become a waste with , at least to me, a lot of nonsensical posts and topics.

    Anthony is obviously a nice guy who is interested in LB and items of interest. As he says he does this blog for free and it currently serves as a discussion board for concerned residents.

    If you don’t like a particular subject then ignore it. Move on to something else.

    My one criticism of Anthony is that he sometimes , being a nice guy, tries to tamp down things here when they get to the edge of civility. But this is America and we don’t get thrown in jail for being nasty or criticizing those in power.

    Also, it livens things up a bit when people get fevered on here and makes more entertaining reading.

    So In one sense I’m glad that Anthony got his Irish up . Way to go Anthony!
    But don’t let them grind you down Anthony. Keep at it. We all appreciate what you do.

  20. Hi Jason, thank you for taking your time posting on here. I am definitely not one to shoot down small businesses. That’s all what I’ve been doing with this blog since I started- I’ve promoted hundreds of LB businesses since 2008 and never asked for a dime.

    That being said, I don’t post articles seeking negative comments. Usually people with banners do that to draw up clicks. I have none of that here. I run this blog as my opinion of LB – whether people like it or not. I also post events, some news, activities, as a free service. I’ve spent thousands of hours writing over 1700 articles for this blog. Like I said, this is not newsday, the patch or the herald – all owned by corporations. This blog is run by me..

    I am glad you value my opinion, but please keep in mind that I built this blog on my opinions and will continue to express it. I actually take more offense on people telling me what to blog about than what this article was about in the first place.

    If you want to promote your service here for free and tell us what you offer, I have no problem doing that. You can email me at anthony@seabythecity.com

    Thanks and good luck with your business venture.

  21. All the folks attacking this blog need to take the same step back your asking the author to. as it’s stated above, this is a personal blog. more often than not, it’s citing personal opinion. can it, at times, be a little critical or ‘nit picky’? sure, but that’s the author’s right.

    and for the folks saying things are too negative (both here and elsewhere) of late, I’d present you with this. Many – though certainly not all – of the folks that are complaining are the exact same ones that have served this community (and, by default, you) in ways both tremendous and small over the years.

    you’re all reading this blog for a reason. mainly, because it connects you to the larger community and quite often gives you updates on what’s happening around town. where else do you get that? the answer, of course, is nowhere. and the guy doing it is doing it for free and because he loves his community. have you pulled off anything that’s served our community as well as this blog? no…than forgive him for pointing out some things he doesn’t like.

    as for other you might see complaining about things both large and small? i speak from knowing, many of these same folks are the ones that kept you informed and connected after Sandy when all other forms of communication broke down. they rebuild magnolia playground. they organized luminary nights, they held first nights out, they organize street clean ups, free movie nights on the beach, they organized fundraisers for struggling local businesses, they started nonprofits to make sure we’re better prepared for the next ‘big one’, their encouraging both visitors and residents alike to drive more safely so no one else has to die on our streets…quite frankly, i could go on all day.

    my point? what might look like ‘bitching’ to some, is actually the frustration of those that give a f*ck and have given of tirelessly and generously of themselves for this community…and for you. so while you’re all out enjoying your carefree lives about town, know that very much of it was only made possible by the folks you now deem so negative in nature. walk a mile or even a minute in their shoes. try caring about our community even a fraction of what each of them has displayed and then come back to me to talk about negativity.

    until you step up and contribute though, like the author of this blog, i have a hard time swallowing your attacks or criticisms of those that do.

  22. I actually really liked the pedicabs that we had in LB years ago and didn’t realize there was a new business doing that, so I am glad you run that. Is it in LB too? Anything to keep people from taking cars is alright by me.

  23. Nope, you “don’t post articles seeking negative comments. Usually people with banners do that to draw up clicks” Unlike the patch and news12. They’re off my newsfeed because its so annoying. But, I click every article you post on Facebook even without adding any sensationalism!

  24. Anthony you have many, many followers. You should sell advertising space on your blog, then you won’t be doing it for free! If you don’t want the money you could take us all out for drinks! (Just kidding,)

    I have followed your blog for years. Many times I have agreed with you. Sometimes, not. I was beside myself when your were down after Sandy. It was (and is) the only place where serious discussions (that often rattle cages) go on in our Greater Community and many times where you scoop a story before anyone else. I say greater Community, and not just Long Beach because you look at our whole picture by including Lido, Point Lookout and Island Park as well in your blog, surveys and opinion quests. I appreciate this blog and hope you will see past the people who just can’t understand what it’s all about. The majority do. Unfortunately the majority is usually silent.

    On the subject of advertising, I love the pedicab idea. Advertising on it? Not sure it’s a bad idea. It could be cute and novel if the advertisements were handled the right way. As far as other advertising, there is far worse. I am offended by that hideous sign on Park avenue that sits on a trailer and squawks in yellows lights, “welcome to Long Beach”and “buckle up for safety! It’s disgusting, annoying and cheapening.

    By far the most offensive thing in Long Beach lately (and it breaks my heart because I lived on that block for many years) is the garish, in your face, totally out of place, “who got paid off on the zoning board to let this happen”, hideosity that is Dunkin Donuts in the West End! It makes me sick to just look at it. If I still lived there and had to walk by it, and look at it every day, I think I would cry. How in the hell did that happen?

    Anyway, keep up the good work, and keep everyone talking!
    Your the best!


  25. I have seen some pretty nasty, petty, thoughtless, belligerent comments on here and The Patch.
    But I think Jennifer may now claim first place in this category based on her demeaning, degrading comments about Anthonys choice of topics.
    I can even understand when posters, myself included, get down and dirty but this is usually based on genuine concern for LB and the controversial topics that come up.
    But Jennifer attacks Anthony , who freely gives of his time to provide this forum, for his choice of topics.
    Jennifer, it is probably best for you to spend the majority of your time watching reruns of daytime TV programs like Judge Judy and Jerry Springer or rereading back issues of People Magazine rather than getting in over your head in serious discussions on this site.

  26. Anthony – I have loved your blog for years. It takes A LOT of courage to always put yourself out there – to open up topics that create dialogue, to put your name on the line, and then to invite people into that dialogue. You should never have to defend yourself for doing that.

    Keep doing what you are doing – Long Beach (and the world) would be a very boring place if we didn’t have people who stirred the pot and who didn’t question the status quo – nor would we have change. People may call it nit-picking or complaining, I tend to think you are thinking outside of the box. Keep at it, and thank you for all of your informative, eloquent blogging.

    And while we are at it – if we are having rickshaws again, perhaps Jason could bring back those awesome ones from a few years back that had the colorful awnings on top. Very beachy cool.

  27. I have followed this blog almost since its inception, silently at first, but then began to add my two cents. I didn’t read this as an assault on Jason and his unique venture, but rather as a comment on the unrelenting assault by advertisers in LB. Sadly, this seems to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    If I ruled the world, I would keep the advertising rickshaw and dispense with about 75% of the realtors signs and all the fixed signs along the boardwalk.

    We don’t all have to agree, but we do all need to try to be civil – what a concept, I know.

    Thank you Anthony for your huge contribution to life in LB and I sincerely hope the comment you made on the poll post about retiring only pertained to THAT post.

  28. Totally agree! No need to have advertisements all over this city. We are called a city but we aren’t NYC. We don’t need to be Queens. We need to be a simple beach town.

    Anthony ignore the negative comments. In 5 years when we resemble Seaside Heights, NJ you can post I told you so.

  29. Been following since I saw it in Time Out NY say 5/6 years ago. Anthony isn’t going anywhere. This blog is too important for him to stop and he knows it.

    Like Anthony said, all of these billboards are tacky by the sea.

  30. You’re entitled to your opinion and blog just as much as Jason is to his advertising. I would like to see you run a puppet show though.

  31. Anthony I love your blog and reading your opinions – it’s better than lb patch bc it’s actually about lb. Haters gonna hate.

  32. Anthony, your opinion on the overabundant advertising signage is spot on. I would venture a guess that your detractors are not particularly well educated, or at the very least, lack any formal education on aesthetic sensibility beyond an Art History 101 class. Hearing that states such as Hawaii, Alaska, Maine, and Vermont have outlawed billboards from as far back as the 1920’s would no doubt come as a surprise to them. There are many movements, some even spearheaded by the Federal Government, that are designed to preserve natural, recreational, and scenic qualities of a given area. Americans can rarely go more than a few minutes before seeing an advertisement. The internet user sees many thousands a day. It is my opinion that the boardwalk not only function as physical protector from the ocean, but should stand as the last bastion protecting the freedom to enjoy the beauty of the seascape in an ad-free manor. These arguments put forth of a nice guy trying to make a buck are quite pathetic as are the support the local business cries. How about doing something to support the resident taxpayers that shoulder the bulk of the taxes in this city? How about giving us a moment of ad-free peace while we cycle, walk, jog, etc? I would love to see one of the pro-ad advocates report back on how much the City actually makes in sales tax, or how much of the tax base is commercial versus residential. Or how little the permit fees are for businesses existing on public space and jamming ads in our faces? How much is the rickshaw ad person paying the City of Long Beach for use of the boardwalk to operate a business? Give the residents a break! All this “support local businesses” rhetoric has done nothing to stem the rise of taxes or improve the quality of life for anyone except visitors. Make the boardwalk an ad free zone.

  33. The Green Project of Long Island promotes healthy living and cleaner air. We endorse Jason for getting another car off the road that we will be advertising to the public as a public service announcement that all cars need to take a break in long beach and encourage walking and biking to get around and cut the carbon blue print

  34. In English please.What on your Eco-earth does the unnecessary additional exposure to advertising, in what I believe should be a serene, naturally aesthetic place (the Boardwalk and shoreline) have to do with carbon blue prints? What the heck is a carbon blueprint? Are you talking about National policy changes or an individual’s own carbon “footprint”? Argue for road repairs, real bike lanes around town, and entering into contracts with bike share companies that aren’t waiting for their bikes to be built in some Chinese toxicity factory. Let’s keep focused Joe. Keep the darn assault on our senses under control.Give us an Ad-Free bike ride while listening to the surf, watching gulls, people, etc.

  35. Joe, what does being green have to do with billboards? If you read through the read, Anthony clearly states he has no issues with pedicabs, but with mobile billboards he does. I agree. Two different topics here.

  36. Nothing against Jason… The boardwalk should be advertisement free. Jason is one guy… as some point we could have 20 guys biking billboards up and down the boardwalk will you be for that then? We as residents have to look at the bigger picture. What do we want LB to be and look like? LB is changing in some ways for the better and in some ways not. Sadly our city government doesn’t want any residential input as to where our city is going….

  37. Joe was it your group who pushed for the billboard trash cans? If so why didn’t you look into simple recycling cans that aren’t tacky and taking away from our city.

  38. I don’t always agree with your ideas or your journalism, but it’s yours and you are entitled and you spend LOTS of time and effort. That’s more than anybody else is doing.

    You even let my traditional opinions appear for a few hours before you delete them. I couldn’t ask for much more considering, as you say, it’s your personal blog.

    Don’t let the criticism get you down. It’s healthy and better than the silence that comes from nobody reading your stuff.

  39. Anthony, you have quite publicly taken up a couple of positions recently that are quite critical of City Council decisions.

    Have you received any retaliation from the City? Are you vulnerable to this sort of thing?

    When I was writing, many years ago, my business was nearly shut down by the Building Department days after some critical journalism.

    If things haven’t changed these days, you’d be the first to know.

  40. Here is an idea, I do not know Anthony. However, I repsect his opinion, rather than having 100 different people bash one another. Let Mr. Anthony and myself discuss (privately) what some of the pros and cons are of this service. You all see it as making a buck. If you took a second and noticed the reaction on the boardwalk. People LOVE it. And the idea. So, Anthony like I said, you have my contact information.

  41. I fully agree with the people who are against the mobile advertising. Its beyond tacky. Nobody is forcing you to come and read a web site, but i shouldnt be forced to look at yet another sign while walking down what should be a relaxing boardwalk. If 1 bike is allowed, its only a matter of time until there are 20. Soon there will be people dressed as elmo bothering people for pictures! I hope anthony isnt really shutting down the blog. This is the only site with valid, LB specific info. Its a shame that a few people feel the need to blast people who dont agree with them!

  42. Unbeknown to most, Anthony was instrumental in the formation of the group who held the Westholme Movie Nights last year and are hosting 3 movies in this summer’s series. Hopefully he will reconsider his decision just thinking about all the good he has done and brought to this great city.

    That being said, we would like to remind everyone that this Saturday your host is the West End Neighbors Civic Association for Raiders of the Last Ark at 8:00PM on Virginia Ave. You know the deal. We bring the popcorn, you bring the party. See you there.

    And now that Anthony is retired we expect to see him Saturday night with his feet up and nice refreshing drink in his hand as he enjoys the show.

    Anthony, Thank you for everything you have done for us and for our city, if it is finished, that will be a shame and you will be missed

  43. Surely no city council member ever would RETALIATE in any legal manner against Anthony and this blog for critical journalism!

  44. Its funny cuz if you were to remove the words “advertisement” and “billboards” with “screaming children” I would totally agree with so many of you. We all have different views of serenity.

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