Kitty Condo and Sea Pointe Towers in the news

Remember this post from last Friday: RUMOR ALERT: TWO MORE GIANT BUILDINGS COMING TO LB? Well, the LB Herald fills in some blanks for us.

Read: City hires legal counsel to fight $50M lawsuit. Retains law firms after attempts to settle Haberman suit hit a snag .

Known as the Haberman property, originally 4 towers, but only 1 was built. You know, that building between Monroe and Lincoln next to the red shack filled with cats (now known as Kitty condo): Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 3.23.28 PM

Zoning boards, alleged-political pressure, lawsuits, two 19-story buildings later proposed, etc. Just read the Herald article for everything you need. [LB Herald]


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14 thoughts on “Kitty Condo and Sea Pointe Towers in the news”

  1. So, “last December” City enters into a settlement that says go to Zoning Board for approval of 19 story buildings. If Zoning Board does not approve you can continue your suit. Why would the City bother if it thought Zoning Board would deny such variance? Why bother shuffling the paper if a denial just put the suit back on track? A month or so later, the iStar settlement and then building project sail through City Council and then Zoning Board. Now, suddenly, City does not want to stick with the stipulation.

    Strange things are afoot.

  2. As soon as Haberman saw that 20 story building has been approved for Long Beach, he jumped on the band wagon. Why shouldn’t he get the same $18 million in added value that iStar got from these corrupt thieves?

    The court has no choice. It’s a done deal. All the nonsense is simply smoke and mirrors to hide Zapson’s payday.

  3. All the hubbub sounds like much ado about nothing. Zoning board would never approve the project and they are the ones who determine this. Any deflection of blame now on council or counsel seems to be politically motivated.

  4. Are you really so ignorant that you believe the Zoning Board has any voice independent from the Democrat Party’s Council? Do you know they approved two 20 story projects on the Superblock? Or was your head up your a– for that one also?

  5. Questions I have….

    1. Who authorized this settlement? Then backed out leaving us to hire 2 outside law firms at 250/hr

    2. How are we paying for the 50million lawsuit?

    3. How does Istar play into all of this?

    4. Was there a settlement similar to this one with Istar that public didn’t know about?

  6. The same gang of thieves who capriciously pulled the permits on Haberman causing him to lose $50 million are now paying themselves through our favorite lawyer to defend them. Pretty cool.

    We’ll do something stupid so the City is sued. Then we’ll use the City’s money to pay our buddies millions to defend the City. And we’ll get some of it back in our pockets.

    Who cares about the four 18 story buildings that will resul?. We’ll all be in Hewlett Harbor and Florida by then.

    This is as good as Kohut Sr.’s parking meter scandal of 1963.

  7. Here are the best answers I can come up with based on what we’ve all read and touch of common sense

    1. Corporate Counsel Klein
    2. No way city will have to pay $50m….. You have to know that. Even if there was some sort of judgment pretty sure the city budgets for that. They probably get used every single day. Remember when those republican hack cops sued the city for millions? How about republican judge candidate Ted Hommel and his lawsuit for millions? Both of those, and I’m sure plenty of others, were thrown out of court for being frivolous.
    3. It’s completely separate
    4. The istar settlement allowed them to go to the zoning board and have public hearings. I was there and it was a madhouse.

  8. on #2, I don’t believe the suit involving ‘the republican hack cops” has been thrown out, nor that we’ve heard the last of it. and the city has no such reserve fund. it’s why we had to take out bonds to pay for retiring officers. if such a suit resulted in our having to pay even a fraction of the $50 million being sought, we’d be in trouble.

    as for # 3, to think they’re completely separate betrays the common sense lens you’re trying to offer. such decisions, especially when considering the timing of it all, don’t happen in a vaccum.

  9. The police officer/wrongful termination lawsuit is far from being thrown out. Spend sometime googling the world wide web – it’s amazing what you can find if you look.

  10. The city had an opportunity to negotiate with Haberman and the ZBA, but refused. ZBA could have negotiated the height with Haberman – sure the 17 stories allotted to I-Star would have been acceptable. But really… The city refused? And now has a $50M lawsuit? And is using Zapson’s law firm? Mr. Eramo – care to comment on the Herald article?

  11. Eramo? Just one more fraud looking to use Long Beach as a stepping stone to a lifelong appointment at the State’s socialist tit.

    He’ll tell you anything you want to hear and run away when you call him out on it.

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