Retirement Sucks

Not to beat a topic to death, but I felt the need to do a separate followup post on MOBILE BILLBOARDS? THE LOVE OF ADVERTISING IN THIS CITY IS OUT OF CONTROL. I am also going to lock MOBILE BILLBOARDS? THE LOVE OF ADVERTISING IN THIS CITY IS OUT OF CONTROL from additional comments because I’m not enjoying the bashing and confusion that’s going on there. This post is new forum for us to bash and confuse each other (really, please don’t) on the topic of MOBILE BILLBOARDS? THE LOVE OF ADVERTISING IN THIS CITY IS OUT OF CONTROL.

First of all, I really appreciate and love the positive feedback that many wrote about this blog. I wish I could personally thank you all.  I honestly didn’t mean to have a sappy Going Away party. It somehow did and I am deeply humbled by all the love. Thank you!

(Great photos by Captain Obvious!)

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There was a ton of confusion and mindless thrashing and bashing in that thread. I just want to make my point clear:

  • What I posted was of my opinion on mobile billboards. It was not to bash an individual person. It was not to bash pedicabs. It was solely on bashing mobile billboards. Look at the photo that I posted. It’s of a bike with a billboard attached to it. Look at the headline. It mentions Mobile Billboards and not pedicabs. I have no issue with pedicabs.
  • I am sorry, but I don’t like billboards that serve no other purpose than to advertise. That’s my opinion which cannot be changed.
  • Somebody wrote: “Lets turn the tables and question if opinions like this are appropriate and if the love of hateful opinions are out of control?????”     How can having an opinion on not liking billboards be inappropriate? I am dying to know!
  • There is nothing green about mobile billboards. I’m sorry Joe if you believe that. Riding a bike towing a billboard is not being green. If you meant Pedicabs? Yes, those are green, but I wasn’t talking about pedicabs. I meant a bike with a billboard attached. See the photo in my original thread as well as the headline [LINK]. I never mentioned Pedicabs.
  • I said I don’t like mobile billboards, but that was not directed at the individual who runs the business. Jason seems like a really great guy. I appreciate him commenting on the blog and giving his side of things. I love his pedicab service and how he gives seniors free rides. I mean, that is amazing and he should be commended. I am a big fan of pedicabs and love them as an alternative to taxis and cars. I do think pedicabs are an asset to our Long Beach area and will without a doubt promote that business for him on this blog for free.  But I want to make it clear that my original post was not about pedicabs. It was on mobile billboards. Two different things.
  • I have often blogged on how I dislike billboards (see: tacky by the sea) with the negative connotations they bring , plus the fear of it going out of control. I personally don’t want LB to become another Atlantic City or Seaside Heights. Maybe some of you do. This is my blog where I post my opinion. If you like billboards, go with that angle and start your pro-billboard blog. You have all the power in the world to do that. youradhere
  • I dislike when people attack me personally and tell me to write real stories. It’s a blog. What did you expect? Believe it or not, but some actually kinda like what I write. There are other websites where you can find topics that may suit your needs. I suggest you check those out. Or, If you have a story suggestion, tell me nicely. We are all neighbors, but to say that I have no imagination or skill to write good stuff is a direct shot at me. It also makes you like a bully in a school yard. I was not a bully towards Jason. I simple said I don’t like billboards. I didn’t put him down personally in any way, shape or form. Some of you posted comments as if I did, but if you actually read what I wrote, you will see you’re wrong (please go back and read everything I wrote). In fact, I am the only person who was put down personally as an individual. What I said about billboards does not reflect how I feel about Jason. Like I said, I commend him with his pedicab service. Pedicabs are awesome.
  • Direct quote from a reader:  “If 1 bike is allowed, its only a matter of time until there are 20. Soon there will be people dressed as elmo bothering people for pictures!” That is what I am worried about! Again, no issue with pedicabs. My issue/opinion is with bikes towing billboards.
  • That all being said, we cannot rent or sell every square inch of this city to the highest bidder. In the past several months we have seen a major increase in billboards around town (green corners & standalone billboards to be specific). By this trend it will get worse and worse. In 5 years you’re going to look back and say “oh shit, what have we done here.” I will be here on this blog saying, “I told you so.” We need to protect what is left of Long Beach before our boardwalk and beach becomes a place of endless pop-up ads. The boardwalk and beach need to remain being our escape: we it’s imperative that we keep it that way.
  • THE POLL: As of this writing, 16% of you would rather live in an area littered with signs over a quiet and peaceful beach. Liar liar pants-on-firepants on fire.

End of story. As far as the future of this blog goes, I am a liar liar pants on fire.

This is an opinionated blog with offbeat topics. I am very proud with what was created here – especially with no writing/journalism background. Yes it shows, but I’m fine with this blog not being perfect. I am still very proud of it, not just with my ramblings, but also with all the contributions I have received from many of you, the amazing people I have met because of it and whatever positive changes I was told it brought to Long Beach. I really don’t know what else to say, other than: Chances are you aren’t going to like everything I write. Too bad, because Johnny Depp says so:


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7 thoughts on “Retirement Sucks”

  1. Glad your back. Didn’t like Century Village?

    I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment and opinion. I want our City to take advantage of our natural resources and benefits — a beautiful beach, a small barrier island city and proximity to NYC. I want a seaside town without overbuilding and obstructed beach views and commercialization and trash. I think the City has looked for quick cash plugs because the government can’t or is unwilling to handle the real problems with this City (the very obvious out of control cash drains that take away from the ability to fix streets and patrol the boardwalk, etc.). I think those cash plugs and/or other expedience efforts (iStar project, imo) are the exact wrong thing to do in this City in terms of improving the quality of life. But that’s my opinion, which I think/fear will be borne out over time as fact (but that’s just my opinion). I have no problem with pedicab, but the proliferation of ads, which I think cheapen the City. More often than not this City, via its ruling class and apathetic voters, has made the wrong decisions in terms of development and use of resources. The mobile billboards is just a jumping off point on the topic, or, as I see with you, the straw that broke the camel’s back. It has nothing to do with Jason or his motives.

  2. I am so glad you are back! You have a following of people who very much enjoy and appreciate your opinions and the news you share.

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