Random Stuff: Movies, Food, Farm to Table, Granada, Speed Camera, Little Libraries

Movies on the Beach schedule

(Subject to change. Please visit Long Beach Movie Nights for the most updated Info):

  • Saturday, July 26, Virginia Beach, “Raiders of the Lost Ark” 8:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 9, Neptune Boulevard, “Surf’s Up“, 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, August 16, TBD Beach, “Rocky Horror Picture Show,” 7:30 p.m.   
  • Saturday, August 23, Lafayette Boulevard, “Casablanca” 7:15 p.m.
  • Saturday, September 13, Neptune Boulevard, “Frozen“, 6:30 p.m.

Restaurant and food updates

Granada Towers

looks so much better without the front entrance canopy. Did you know this historic building has its own wiki page? wiki/Granada_Towers


Little Free Libraries on the Boardwalk

The Long Beach Public Library, in cooperation with the City of Long Beach which granted permission to use beach entrances, has installed four Little Free Libraries on the Boardwalk near the Franklin, Grand, Magnolia and Monroe Boulevard ticket booths. Suggested by Youth Services Librarian Tanya Suárez, Little Free Libraries, which look like birdhouses, are book exchanges with approximately 30 paperbacks each. [Long Beach Public Library]

Speed Cameras on Lido Blvd

I am reading that speed cameras are on Lido Blvd near Marvel and the firehouse. So make sure you drive 20 mph to avoid a ticket. Yes, SPEED cameras, not RED LIGHT cameras. Are they functioning now? Do they only function when school is open? I have no clue, but if any of you do, please share.

These are the types of simple Bike Racks I would love to see around town. Sans the sticker, of course. bikerack

This post is me just catching up.  What else is going on?

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21 thoughts on “Random Stuff: Movies, Food, Farm to Table, Granada, Speed Camera, Little Libraries”

  1. Whatever you are reading about speed cameras on Lido is nonsense. What is there is a Nassau County Police radar sign which just so happens to record the speed of every car passing for study purposes. It doesn’t take pictures though.

    It’s also displaying the improper speed sign. The sign says 20 MPG but it doesn’t say it’s a School Zone Speed, which it, by ordinance is.

    So when school is not in session, that speed restriction doesn’t apply and the speed remains 30 MPH.

  2. The speed cameras ARE being put in aa we speak. I spoke to someone at traffic control and it will only give tickets during school hours. I have no clue if summer school exists or is going on at the middle school. I had heard it would be 6am to 6pm.

  3. most definitely speed cameras. the sign has been there for no less than a month and the data it’s recorded has no doubt justified the installation of the cameras themselves. the cameras were being installed over the past two days.

  4. I was soooo wrong and you guys are so right.

    There are speed cameras going in on the curve in front of the Middle School. The radar cameras measure speed at one point eastbound and westbound. They were working on installing them today.

    There are a few problems with this whole affair. The 20MPH sign posted there now is NOT a school speed limit; it’s a 24 Hour speed limit sign. That’s wrong. According to the Uniform Manual of Traffic Control Devices (Federal Law – look it up) the sign MUST be labled SCHOOL with a plaque showing enforcement hours or blinking light or some other indication.

    Another problem is that the westbound sign is smaller than required and is not visible because of the curve for the specified distance.

    Maybe these issues will be ironed out before they start mailing tickets.

    A further problem is that the speed limit on Lido Boulevard changes seven times in less than one mile. It’s 40 west of the Loop, 30 on the divided part in Lido, 20 by the Middle School, 30 west of the Middle School in the TOH, 35 on East Park Avenue and 25 west of Roosevelt Blvd and 35 again west of Neptune Blvd. Complicating the mess is the huge “30 MPH on All Streets” sign entering Long Beach City.

    Besides qualifying as a “speed trap,” this stuff has long been deemed illegal.

    So when you get that ticket in the mail, take a day off from work to go to Cooper Street in Hempstead for the conference and another day for the trial, do your research and you *should* beat it.

    – – – – – – –

    As far as Granada Towers go, Anthony, yes the middle tower of that landmark was removed.

    The cell phone antenna array fiasco on the penthouse apartment bulkhead is another issue too.

  5. From today’s Newsday if you can believe anything they print:

    …”By law, the cameras can only operate during public school hours and an hour before and after school. They also can be active a half-hour before, during and after other school events.

    Each violation of 10 mph or more over the posted speed limit will carry a $50 fine…”

    I suppose they’ll have to put in flashing lights to indicate when school’s open?

  6. Doesn’t the speed limit sign say “7AM-6PM, School Days”. It used to, unless they changed it. So that is when its in effect. There is 0% compliance with the 20MPH limit. Zero. So every single driver who enters and leaves Long Beach, is going to be ticketed by it. And I say – good. People don’t speak up when these laws go into effect, in fact most people are always asking for more “safety” in the form of more stop signs, lower speed limits, mistimed lights, etc. Now, let them pay up.

  7. You will never beat any of those tickets issued – even if you have a lawyer, traffic court is a joke, just a rubber stamp to another form of tax collection. You would need to hire your own expert witnesses to conduct a traffic study on the issues you mention, and no one is going to do that.

  8. The law says you’ll only be issued a camera ticket only if you exceed the posted speed by 10 MPH.

    They’ll be lots of people getting these new $ 50 “tax bills”.

  9. Does the school speed limit apply during the summer? I once got a ticket for being parked in front of a school when it said “no parking school days” bc I didn’t know it.meant summer school.

  10. Muscle Maker Grill Closed! Not a Shocker, it was just a matter of time.

    Sorry to say that the new place Spiaggia Cucina Italiana just didn’t do it for me. They try to be too many things and aren’t successful at any.
    My advice, go to Mio Posto and see how a place should be run..

  11. The legislation is really poorly written.

    It says essentially that the ticketing applies during the specified hours if shown on a sign AND during ANY OTHER times times when school events are occurring, which would include summer school. The law places the burden of knowing each school’s after-hour activities on every driver passing the school.

    Skelos voted for the bill, so you can write and ask him how you know the Tuesday night that parent teacher conferences are being held.

    If the law was truly about safety and not about the $25 million in expected new annual revenue, flashing lights would be required to indicate when the speed limits were in effect.

  12. Everything about this is awful. How much more do you need to pay the police here before they can be the ones doing the work to catch speeders?

  13. The cops love this legislation. It frees them up from the unpleasant task of writing $350 tickets to poor working schmucks, and gives them more time to sleep in the Lido firehouse.

    And the law exempts them from the radar tickets, even when they are in their personal cars, so their families get a pass too. It also exempts elected officials, government employees involved with emergency response, tow trucks, environmental emergency officers, whatever they are, doctors, local and County prosecutors, those driving rented cars, MTA and Transit vehicles and employees. Everyone except you, Loser.

    Thanks, Harvey Weisenberg. The old scumbag screwed us one last time!

  14. No one, from either party (NY State is run by the “uniparty” anyway) opposed them. And look at the posts on various LB social media sites – most people just love the idea, they would support a 10MPH speed limit there it it were proposed. They think its about safety, when of course its really about more money for the County and the State. I drove through that area today at 20MPH – believe me, there is going to be a major accident along that stretch come September as frustrated drivers veer around those trying to avoid the camera tickets. The real cause of the accidents will be covered up of course, just like they bury the stats on increases in front to rear crashes at the red light cameras, because the people who know they are there stop short at all costs to avoid them. People in other states have begun to fight back and remove these camera systems – but most of the residents of NY State love them.

  15. This morning I went past the speed cameras by the middle school and there are new signs that say “Speed Enforced by Photo/Video”, I would have taken a picture but driving past at 45mph would not have made the best picture.

    I wonder if Mr Mangano will be sending me a picture of my car and will the resolution be clear enough to see my face saying “Oh F#$@”

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