14 thoughts on “Turn the Tide with RIP LB (Listen, Learn, Love Our Community)”

  1. it’s a bunch of volunteers who are tired of seeing their friends and others in the community die because of addiction, but your snark is appreciated. thanks.

  2. RIP LB is a wonderful organization.

    Don’t confuse them with the likes of [name erased] who had fake charities designed to support his habits and lifestyle. RIP LB actually cares. John is right. Take your snark elsewhere.

  3. Who runs the LBPD D.A.R.E. program & what is their salary? They should be fired for all the underage drug deaths.

  4. While I’m sure that this undertaking will be very valuable, do remember that the Long Island Crisis Center is available 24/7 with trained crisis counselors ready to assist anyone dealing with substance abuse issues to find referrals for help right now. Their data base of referrals including no cost and low cost is extraordinary. Their contact is 516-679-1111 and it’s totally confidential. They also do internet counseling. Check them out at their website http://www.longislandcrisiscenter.org. They’ve been around since 1971.

  5. part of RIP LB’s mission is to make folks aware of the resources out there, so I’m sure they promote the crisis center, LB reach and everything else that’s out there. they’re also trying to shift the culture in LB and get people more comfortable speaking up about addiction. they host many healthy non-alcohol events and activities aimed at providing our community with an alternative to our typical drinking scene.

  6. ALL GREAT. My message was just to get that # out there for someone or some family that may be in crisis right now. KUDOS to RIP LB.

  7. Perhaps if you asked you would have known. Come to the next meeting. Get involved. There’s a Facebook page with information. Everyone is welcome.

  8. Who was in charge of the program? I don’t think they did a great job. Was it someone who led by example (meaning somebody who doesn’t smoke or drink?)

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