Granada Towers really does have only two towers now! WHAAT?

Thanks to a keen-eyed reader, many of us just learned how the historic Granada Towers (310 Riverside Blvd) had one of its three towers removed. I actually couldn’t believe it until I saw myself. And yep, the tower in the middle is indeed missing.

How can this building, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984,  lose such an important detail of its facade? I thought that once it’s landmarked, it cannot be drastically changed. Those towers were a major feature of that building too. Anybody?

Here is a photo of the building in 2009 [Wikipedia]:


Here is a photo of the building that I took Sunday, July 2014:


13 Replies to “Granada Towers really does have only two towers now! WHAAT?”

  1. Ask Topper, she’s the manager. Anything she touches turns to sh-t. More mismanagement. More assessments for questionable and shoddy work. More condo owners screwed.

    Just because something is a designated landmark, it has no protection and the owner can do whatever it wants with the building.

    But that rent keeps pouring in for the cell phone antennas. I wonder what the gal who owns the penthouse unit thinks of those antennas beaming down on her. The roof door has a warning sign about the microwave radiation levels. Good luck selling that unit.

    Way to go, Mrs. Topper!

  2. I know that she brought a lawsuit against the owner, the city and the phone company.
    The real question is were any laws broken when they altered a registered historic landmark?!

  3. Federal landmark registration laws carry no protection. Nor do any Long Beach laws.

    What a shame the owners and manager value history so little and profits so much that they choose cell phone antenna arrays over landmark preservation.

    And that poor gal with the penthouse. Screwed out of her entire investment. Great not to be her.

    Typical for Long Beach.

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