Q: Vacant lot next to Lafayette Towers & potential Hebrew Academy sale.

Dear Seabythecity:

There is a vacant lot next to Lafayette Towers, and us residents are getting nervous because we are hearing rumors about building.  Of course, no one in our management company will tell us anything.  So…. – if you happen to stumble upon the story, it would be great to hear what is happening.  Secondly, there is the continuing story of the Hebrew Academy and its sale.

I know nothing.

There has been some news not too long ago regarding Hebrew Academy (HALB) bidding on a school property in Woodmere. I’m not sure of any specific plans by HALB, as to where that is headed. Obviously boardwalk/ocean view property is worth a premium, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a move is imminent. I haven’t heard about any development off Lafayette. If any of you have any info, please share with us!

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  1. This might be slightly off topic, but this reminds me…

    While I was driving around LB the other day, I noticed a lot of religious and religiously affiliated buildings and spaces.

    For such a small place, it seems like there’s a lot of religious space per-capita…it seems inequitable that so much of LBs limited real-estate goes untaxed.

  2. They bought the school and it was approved by the Lawrence district in late March. From what I’ve heard it will take more than a year to renovate so it may be a while before they need to sell the Long beach property.


    I live across the street from the Lafayette lot and from what I’ve heard there is a a long term lease with the city for use of the land. People think construction is imminent because of the construction company trailer on the lot. That trailer is the office for the team building the dune walkovers and is not directly related to the empty lot other than it was a space this city controlled and could offer the construction company.

  3. Both properties are being marketed for high-density (20-story development). The owners feel they are on firm ground in obtaining a variance after the iStar debacle opened the door.

    Thank you Democrats.

  4. ii, love or hate the democrats it’s irrelevant. Where are your facts on both properties being marketed for 20 story developments? This city has enough baseless rumors and even more gullible people swearing they are true, try using facts!

  5. I’m sure people thought iStar was a “baseless rumor” a while back also – take a look at where we are now. The bottom line is, unless the current administration is stopped by the voters, it will simply continue on course. Why would it do otherwise?

  6. sigh…one more time.

    super block (and, I believe, foundation block) are zoned mixed use/economic development zones. they are the only two areas in the city to be zoned as such. what happens on those properties, whether we like them or not, does not create precedent elsewhere.

    I’m not saying folks shouldn’t remain vigilant, just to try and avoid baseless hysteria.

  7. sigh … take you head out of your …

    A variance is a variance. A variance throws the zoning restrictions out the window. iStar could have been zoned for one family homes and the same variance they got would let them build anywhere.

    Are you benefiting somehow from this or are you really this ignorant?

  8. my apologies for trying to inject some actual facts into the dialogue. your knowledge of land use clearly surpasses that of mine. I now understand that variances are not applied to the the pre-existing zoning at all (which, you know, is the baseline one seeks a variance from) and that we can now apply the newfound wisdom you’ve bestowed upon us to assume we’ll see west end bungalows being replaces by 20-story towers on the near future. because, you know, the degree to what one seeks a variance from has no bearing on the matter.

    I guess I fall into that latter of the two boxes you’ve so generously afforded me and will plead ignorance. surely I can’t just be a homeowner who cares about his community and sees value in said community having an informed discussion on matters of import.

  9. Disagree… Pandora’s box has been open and more will be coming. Saying they can’t make $$$ on the property unless it’s 19 stories. One passes more will pass.

  10. A variance can seek relief from any zoning restriction. A corrupt Zoning Board will approve any change Zapson’s law firm requests.

    Ignoring the corruption that permeates these zoning decisions, believing that the process is legitimate and counseling your neighbors “not to worry or take action” is not caring about your community nor “being informed”.

    Yes, it is indeed ignorant to say that our elected officials will protect us and not to be concerned.

    Your City taxes have risen 36% in two years.

    iStart is building two buildings as tall as the tallest ones in Far Rockaway.

    Over 100 Section 8 tenants have been forced on the West End.

    Variances for 45-foot tall houses are being granted in the west end.

    You will be billed for a new sewer connection $5,000 – $15,000 when you sell your house.

    Yea, John, just leave it to the Democrats and they will take care of you. Yes, you are ignorant.

  11. I’m sorry, where was it that I said, “not to worry or take action”? I believe the proper quote would be, “I’m not saying folks shouldn’t remain vigilant”.

    your inability to dialogue with a fellow resident without hurling insults speaks much to your character.

  12. Folks, one of the hallmarks of Sea By The City is that it usually lacks the toxicity that was so prevalent on the Patch…and a lot of people like it that way. Now that the Patch is effectively kaput, many of those people will be moving over to Sea By The City. How about leaving the political finger pointing, name calling and nastiness back on the Patch. Let’s elevate the discussion and have respectful and intelligent dialogs here.

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