REPORT: Stop Signs, Street Signs and ‘One Ways’ being pulled out around the city

There are reports of several signs around the city being pulled straight out of the ground. One reader sent me this:

If you walk over to Beech Street at Lincoln, you will notice that the stop sign for the westbound traffic is missing, pole and all. It appears that it was sheared off at the base.

Another person sent me on a photo of a One Way sign on E. Walnut that was completed pulled out of the ground. The pole in the photo below does not look like it was hit by an automobile.

If you know something or see something, contact the LBPD. Missing traffic signs are a very dangerous situation for all. The City of Long Beach has been notified and are aware of the situation. Be safe, folks!

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.31.59 AM


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2 thoughts on “REPORT: Stop Signs, Street Signs and ‘One Ways’ being pulled out around the city”

  1. This could pose a problem since everyone knows there is a stop sign on EVERY block in LB. Those expecting that car to stop will be very surprised when those cars skate right through. I can definitely see accidents happening for the locals especially…. eeeek!

  2. Are aliens eating them? The sign guys were fired, and the new people who were given the job don’t really know how to use tools, so nothing has been done to replace or install signs since.

    There’s not a single street sign on the boardwalk.

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