Today’s Forecast: PATCHy Clouds with a few scattered Thunderstorms

PATCHy clouds. See what I did right there?

The popular online news site Long Beach Patch appears to be changing…yet again (see- A Note to Our Readers about Changes on Patch). I’m not exactly sure what that means content-wise, but several readers who have contacted me directly seem to think the LB Patch will focus on Long Island as a whole, rather than be Long Beach-specific. One reader tells me:

I used to post on Patch a lot. I thought you might be able to mention to folks that Patch has completely changed, and is now more ads than information. Some of the ads are even honeypot“click here” ads that sucker people into downloading adware. All old posts there have disappeared. Your blog is now our only online source of information. Thanks for all your work.

So………Seabythecity is the only online source of information? Uhhh.. I guess I should say “Welcome LB Patch readers”??


Yep, the pressure is on.. haha. I like this blog to stay small, off-beat, and imperfect. Please understand that Seabythecity is just a blog and there is only one person running it. I miss a lot. I skip a lot. I withhold a lot. Think of this site as my online diary of Long Beach. If you’re looking for some real news and issues, there is always the LB Herald, which does allow comments and discussion for each of their articles. There is also a plethora of facebook groups – some of them are pretty amazing and do a great job of keeping us informed (LBMTY, PROJECT 11561, HURRICANE INFO, to name a few).

If you do decide to stick around, please be nice to me and your fellow neighbors. Keep the conversations flowing, intelligent and informative. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “Today’s Forecast: PATCHy Clouds with a few scattered Thunderstorms”

  1. Sad to see Patch gone. It’s unusable and no longer a local resource. We miss Joe Kellard. He was an asset to Long Beach as Patch’s former local editor.

  2. A belated post-mortem about Patch: the only things I really miss are the blogs. There were three I looked forward to- John Peri, Frank McQuade, and “leebythesea.” I think the three together showed how 3 very different people loved our area in different ways. McQuade’s politics were the opposite of mine, but he always fought for the good of the area. His last blog was about carrying on the fight to save the Hospital. John Peri’s column was unpredictable, sometimes just a link or two. But the last thing I read was a long narrative about using a rickshaw around Long Beach – a real metaphor for the good and absurd sides of our community. If anyone sees their writing re-appear, please let us know. Lee photographed and wrote about everything from his Marine days to a pair of Piping Plovers on the beach this spring. Luckily, he always had his own blog at leebythesea dot me.

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