Photoshop of the Day: Can you Imagine?

I call this one Can You Imagine? Inspiration comes from this LB Herald article: City hires legal counsel to fight $50M lawsuit.

“In 1985, Haberman received a variance from the city to build four 10-story condo and co-op buildings along a waterfront block of Shore Road, with a total of 432 units.

Oh, what could have been….4towers

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8 thoughts on “Photoshop of the Day: Can you Imagine?”

  1. the “post-apocalyptic bunker” style of the seapointe tower may have been cool in the 80s, but hope the design changes if haberman builds something next door. the photoshopper should add the proposed Istar towers on the left side so we get a good idea of what this area might soon look like….

  2. I live in the building next to the proposed towers, which looks like a monopoly piece in the illustration. Our pool will get no sun now since our building is L shaped and those apartments facing east will be like caves, with minimal light and their lovely water view will become the side of a building. People living on the north side of Shore will lose the sea breezes they currently enjoy.

    Aesthetics and quality of life aside, won’t that many new units be a glut on the market, depressing the value of all the other co-ops in the area?

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