West End Beautification Update

(Photo above: Nevada Street Park)

By Edward Glister of the West End Beautification Association

Over the last few weeks seven workers (primarily teenagers) from Project Challenge have been working with a volunteer from the West End Beautification Association (WEBA) to clean up Beech Street. They have removed weeds and garbage from 4 parks, 2 houses of worship, 50 tree planters and several homes of the elderly. In addition, the City then followed up with black mulch to enhance the look and reduce maintenance. To top it off, we added 100 small American flags to the tree planters to commemorate our heroes and country.

unnamed-1 (Virginia Street Memorial)

The good news is that this work, when combined with the efforts by the City to clean curb sides and WENCA/WEBA to paint and plant Oceanview planters, has resulted in a significantly improved looking West End. The better news is that their combined efforts will extend to other West End locations in coming weeks.

The best news, however, would be if others supported this effort, including the following:

  • Have residents and visitors throw their garbage in appropriate receptacles
  • Have commercial establishments invest just a little time and money in plants/clean up
  • Have everyone start thinking that a beautiful West End is a step towards Hurricane recovery
  • Have everyone give thanks to all those who do the above.

(West End Community Garden)unnamed


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9 thoughts on “West End Beautification Update”

  1. Maybe someone should tell the west end bars to tell their patrons to stop shattering beer bottles and urinating all over our beautiful west end.

  2. KC, I have recently written letters to several West End business owners asking for them to help keep West End beautiful. The letters thank some owners for their supporting actions, and asks others to do their share.

    And it’s clear each morning which vendor products contribute more to the trash problem, with certain food vendor products being dropped most frequently.

    Maybe you and others could also express yourself to these vendors.

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