“Stella & The Bear” Come on down for Lemonade and Pop Art [Friday at 11:30AM]

Come on down to Monroe Blvd and Olive Street on Friday @ 11:30am for “the purest lemonade sold in America,” plus art from The Big Bear Studio.

Yep, you heard me, tomorrow on Olive and Monroe look for a lemonade stand and some art. While you’re at the house enjoying your beverage, check out the garden which was created by the Long Beach Constant Gardeners: Surfer Woman and Running Man. Oh, how I love this town.

Check out the crazy press release below [caution: explicit language ahead]:

Press Release:
The most valuable corner property in Long Beach,, Boodman Square, will begin leasing storefront property this week.
The site at Monroe and Olive, which draws more traffic than any other intersection in the city, will feature two new retail establishments.  The largest will be the STELLA STARLITE LEMONADE CORPORATION, which will feature “the purest lemonade sold in America.” Next to it will be THE BIG BEAR STUDIO, which will offer original artwork by an artist said to be half human and half grizzly bear.
Richard Boodman III, the CEO of Boodman Enterprises, said “I am getting tired of hearing people tell me to do something with this valuable piece of real estate.  So we shall see how it goes. You can’t go wrong with lemonade and pop art,created by a man who is 50% bear.”
Boodman’s firm operates vast amounts of real estate in Manhattan.  It currently owns the land and air rights surrounding Penn Station,, the Waldorf-Astoria, Radio City Music Hall and all of the real estate now used by Starbucks..
“The lemonade operation was a tough one,” Boodman told CBS. “This young lady Stella, who does not reveal her last name, is a tough business woman who demanded security guards and experienced lemon cutters before signing the deal.”
Her business partner, Kate Surf, said “We have long coveted this priceless property but Boodman is famous for screwing his tenants and we needed to make sure our contract was solid  If he does not live up to this contract our attorneys say we will fry his balls.”
Boodman’s neighbors are planning a protest. “This is outrageous and disgusting and nauseating and very shitty as well,” said Boodman’s next door neighbor.


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